Pounding : Pounding into her Mutius felt her anal throbs squeezing his….

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First Aid - For the Horse Horses-store.comPounding : Pounding into her Mutius felt her anal throbs squeezing his….

Off went her corset.

Her pert breasts thrust towards the side of the stallion’s chest.

She stroked them against it and sensuously slid her hands over his back.

While she murmured words of love to Incitatus, Mutius unwrapped her short leather skirt and took off her loincloth.

Her body was slender as well as her long, straight legs; her rump deliciously arched, her buttocks well-rounded and high-placed.

The pander didn’t bother taking off her animal skin leggings.

She rose a leg trying to step on the horse’s back.

Mutius stopped her and took out a balm box from his pocket. Wait, Ladyssa.

Let me first smear some protective cream on your pelvis. Lady didn’t answer but parted her thighs and pushed her bottom towards Mutius who began smearing his balm onto her genital area.

Being a true light-skinned blonde, her pubic hair was thin; it topped her Mount of Venus, but didn’t expand on its sides, and only a soft growth was surrounding the lips of her vulva and her anus, up to the end of her crack.

While gently touching her small, undeveloped clitoris, Mutius repressed his desire to exploit her natural excitement for the regal animal and make love to her while Ladyssa focused all her attentions on Incitatus.

Nevertheless, he found that her vulva was plugged by an olysbos, a Greek dildo made of tough hide, which was used to enlarge young women’s vaginas before marriage. (Virginity wasn’t appreciated at all by men of ancient times, and was only required for young girls directed to a few religious cults devoted to chastity.) We’d better take this out, said Mutius knowing that she would agree due to the drug. Okay, do that…, she breathlessly said.

He slowly extracted the olysbos and smeared some of his heating balm on her crotch.

Then he helped her mount on Incitatus’s back and watched her spread her legs, holding on the horse’s neck, and relishing the physical contact with the horse by stroking her pelvis on his spine.

The balm made her genitalia so hot that she began talking to Incitatus as if he were her lover.

Suddenly, the horse reared and she fell in Mutius’s arms. Come, he said. He wants to kiss you. Still in a strong erotic reverie, Ladyssa followed the pander in front of Incitatus’ head.

She began caressing his snout.

The horse extended his tongue and licked her face.

She opened her mouth and began kissing the magnificent animal, sucking his tongue and hugging his neck.

Mutius watched that passionate kiss for a minute, then he stimulated her nipples with his balm-smeared fingers and induced the stallion to lick her breasts.

She abandoned herself in Mutius’s arms. Holding her from the back, the pander helped her enjoy the slapping tongue of the Roman equus, who was even trained to delicately grind women’s nipples with his long teeth.

She moaned louder and louder in a state of sheer ecstasy while Mutius spread more balm on her vulva and got Incitatus to kneel down in front of her.

Attracted by her vaginal odor, the horse began licking her genitals. Overwhelmed by sensations which she’d never experienced before but she’d always dreamed about, she began twisting with pleasure holding Incitatus’ mouth right on her heated groin.

Mutius kneeled down behind her, dragging her down.

As her head rested on his fat belly, he helped her open and raise her legs, retract her knees, and undulate her pelvis. Incitatus’s tongue began licking her cunnus, penetrating inside and biting her clitoris.

While she was transcending reality, travelling to the realm of her Celtic Gods, enjoying what she had always thought was unattainable by mortals, Mutius’ erection could no longer remain passive under his coat, and protruded out between her legs.

The horse licked both his penis and her burning genitalia.

Moaning in delight, she barely sensed Mutius’ penis pointing at her anus.

But although she was unable to distinguish the pleasure she was receiving from Incitatus’ tongue from the piercing sensation centered on her rear-entry, she instinctively pushed her pelvis downwards and slowly impaled herself on Mutius’ erection. While the tongue of the animal continued its relentless invasion of her vagina, she quivered and screamed out of control.

Pounding into her, Mutius’ felt her anal throbs squeezing his member, which made him believe that she was quickly approaching the first orgasm of her life.

Despite the pleasure he could have enjoyed by provoking the full release of her feelings, he had other plans and was determined to follow them through. He extracted his penis from her posterior, sliding out from underneath her, and pulling her away from Incitatus’ mouth.

The horse reared again.

His 2-foot long erected member banged on his belly; his ostrich-egg-size testicles dangled back and forth.

Lady startled in shock and covered her mouth with a hand to hide her amazement. Look! He wants you to grab it, uttered Mutius who was as excited as she was.

Lady propelled herself forwards and seized Incitatus’ penis while Mutius got hold of a large leather strap hanging from the ceiling.

He placed it around the chest of the rearing animal in order to keep him up and prevent him from crushing over Lady who was kneeling under his body. The Britannian princess, nude with the exception of her leggings, took the huge equine penis in her hands, inhaling its odor, tenderly squeezing the shaft and rubbing it on her face and body.

Mutius fetched a wet sponge among Incitatus’ paraphernalia and clensed the horse’s genitals.

She began licking and kissing it while murmuring insane words of love.

Standing on his rear legs only, his upper body held high on the sturdy leather strap hanging from the ceiling, the stallion neighed. Fascinated, believing that Incitatus was responding to her words, she tried to stick the large, mushroom-like glans into her mouth but couldn’t get it in.

She licked it around and run her hands down to his testicles, scratching them and holding them tight to receive their strong energy which further enhanced her arousal. Ladyssa lowered the horse’s hard instrument and rubbed it between her legs.

Then she opened her wet labia, tightening her thighs around the animal’s shaft and shaking her pelvis back and forth to feel maximum friction on her clitoral area.

The horse neighed again.

She hugged his chest. I know, my love…, moaned the Britannian horse-lover, unable to control herself. You’re desperate to enter me and I’m desperate to receive you inside me! She turned to Mutius: Help me! Help us do it! Mutius retrieved a special harness from a hanger, and threw it around the horse’s neck fastening the rear end of the contraption around the horse’s hips.

Two sets of leather handles hung from each side of the harness—a pair from the horse’s neck and a pair from his hips.

As all of Lady’s senses were devoted to attain the coitus with the stallion, she understood right away what to do.

She opened her arms and grabbed the neck handles raising her body until she tightly embraced Incitatus’ chest.

Then the pander helped her spread her legs, guiding them into the back handles and under her knees, thus allowing her to raise her pelvis until it touched the lower abdomen of the stallion. As soon as her body, arms and legs, were solidly embracing the chest and belly of the animal, his penis automatically pointed directly at her crotch. Help him get it inside me, please! begged Lady. It’s very big, princess, said Mutius while Incitatus dangerously began thrusting forwards hitting his glans on her vulva. Stretch my labia and spread more cream on both of us! Mutius took a small amphora from a shelf, opened it and poured abundant odorless oil on both the horse’s hard member and Lady’s genitals.

Then he slid two fingers of both his hands into her vagina and began stretching its orifice around Incitatus’ glans.

Since she was holding herself high on the horse’s chest with her hands clutching the upper handles, her thighs open, and the back of her knees resting on the lower handles, gravity pulled her pelvis down and centered her thrusts towards Incitatus’ erection.

The horse pawed the ground with his back hoofs, neighing repeatedly as he felt the contact with Ladyssa’s vulva. Oh Mutius! I feel it! Incitatus’ glans wasn’t yet inside her, but the contact of the animal on her open labia was already driving her crazy, compelling her to kiss and lick the horse’s chest, talking and inciting him to copulate with her as if she were his favorite mare.

Frantically, the Byzantine pander pushed the equine member with tremendous determination and got its glans inside her. Yes! she screamed. Careful, Ladyssa! He’s going to hurt you! While the white stallion began hopping on his rear hoofs, she pushed her body downwards until the animal’s well-lubricated erection entered her for about a third of its length.

Her face distorted in ecstasy, her mind in a whirl of emotions, her vagina stretched to the limits, she instinctively coordinated her thrusts with those of the neighing horse and began trembling so much that Mutius seriously thought that she was about to die.

And dying she was the princess but with happiness: Gaudium! Gaudium! she screamed while pounding with total freedom on Incitatus’ powerful, wonderful organ as if she were possessed by all the Gods of the Celtic Olympus. The pander backed up in amazement.

Her courage and her lust were far above all what he had ever seen before.

Lady continued her outlandish sex dance, firmly embraced to the horse’s chest, impaling herself on the stallion at will, exploding in orgasm at every hit, retracting her pelvis by pulling herself up on the frontal handles when he was pushing too deep inside her, and then shoving her pelvis down while holding her knees on the lower handles when she felt that she could ride him with no danger, and take his erection inside just a little bit more. Unable to stop coming, she suddenly felt Incitatus’ penis pumping quicker and quicker.

Yes! An overwhelming gush of hot sperm invaded her womb, injecting her body with the energy that only a horse can deliver, and only a passionate horse-lover can receive at the height of her sexual frenzy. That was the peak! Feeling Incitatus’ releasing all of his vitality inside her, she broke through the ceiling of human passions to reach high in the sky like a pure female, uncontaminated by the low material interests and the petty demands that usually beset even the most liberated lovers on Earth.

His shooting white issue squirting out from her vagina at every successive impact of his glans over the bottom of her cunnus, she experienced much more than pleasure.

It was a boisterous blast of light of sunlike proportions that had no comparison with anything she’d ever thought possible before. Ladyssa embraced Incitatus for a couple of minutes, quivering, moaning and calling him her new God, until his huge penis slipped out of her vagina allowing his final outpour of sperm. Mutius! Take me down! she moaned. As the pander complied, she got on her knees in front of the giver of life, grabbed the receding penis with both hands and received the last jets of Incitatus’ divine substance directly into her mouth. Eventually, Mutius dragged her away from the majestic animal and released the leather strap which held him up.

A dishevelled Ladyssa approached his slobbering mouth and kissed him again and again.

The pander knew that the drug which stimulated her senses and inspired her latent sexual attraction for all horses, was now wearing off.

But the transition to reality was so smooth and progressive that Lady didn’t realize having been prompted to embrace Incitatus by a temporarily loss of restraint provoked by an opiate.

Quite the contrary, every single moment of her intercourse with the beloved stallion was now vividly engraved in her memory and would remain forever therein. Holding a sponge, a water-filled basin and some towels, Mutius approached her. We better leave Incitatus to recoup his energies, Your Highness.

He has a long travel ahead, remember? Ladyssa didn’t register his last words about Incitatus’ travel, but agreed to let the stallion relax.

Nonchalantly, she rose her arms and opened her legs allowing Mutius’ to wash her body and face, appreciating his conscientious devotion. You’ve been really nice, Mutius Regulatus, she said giving him a little kiss on the forehead. I appreciate what you did for me. She was obviously unaware that the pander had rear-end intercourse with her, but Mutius thought it was quite natural since all of her feelings were focused on Incitatus’ cunnilingus.

Anyway, it was better that she didn’t remember how he took advantage of her if he wanted to continue her friendship. As soon as Mutius finished his meticulous washing job and helped her get dressed again, she smiled at him: So, what is the price you’re asking for your jewel? Mutius shook his head, I can’t do that, Your Grace. — Oh Messalina…

I’m…. Shush, I know, Goran…

I feel the same as you do. She pushed her pelvis against his groin until he entered her.

His erection felt like it was covered by a velvet glove.

She was sweet and mellow like honey.

They hugged and kissed and copulated with such a joy and togetherness that they mounted their way to climax as if one was the shadow of the other, moving apart according to the direction of the sun and the bends of the ride, but always indissolubly tied by a bond that grew stronger by the minute until the eruption occurred and love became a physical, magnificent experience. When it was over with Goran, Messalina smiled at him. Watch me now…, she murmured in his ear, then she stood up and began dancing around Lothar and the others who have been watching her in religious silence.

Clapping her hands she made them clap with her while she rubbed her hips against each of them. I didn’t forget about you, you know, bad boys…, she declared licking her lips. I just got hotter! Goran stepped back.

She stroked her luscious pubic bush on Lothar’s face.

He licked her dripping vulva and took her clitoris in his thick lips.come on, make me cry! she mouthed.

The guys turned wild.

They pushed her around against each other.

Her head spun.

The energy created by that exercise of male domination—or was it archetypical female power in progress?—rose to dangerous levels.

Goran watched the scene for a few minutes shaking his head in desperation, then he ran away, incapable to witness the imminent assault. Upon Lothar’s command, the gladiators made her kneel down on the low, carpeted platform.

She rose her back. Do it, Lothar! she said turning her head to him. The men imprisoned her among their iron muscles and spread her cheeks.

Lothar entered her rectum from behind, then drilled her with a savage series of thrusts.

Immobilized, unable to respond or mitigate the shocks, she cried loud and defenseless, transfigured by pain and pleasure until she felt the liberating jet of his orgasm spurting like lava and melting into her bowels. For a moment she remained frozen in time, catching her breath and regaining energy.

Then they all took turns on her, ravaging her with long-repressed lust.

In every possible position, in every erogenous part of her body, from her cunnus to her anus, from her mouth to her armpits, she climaxed with each of the athletic gladiators.

Her sparkling blue eyes induced everyone to take her to heaven.

When they entered her, she returned their passion by shaking and pounding against whoever possessed her.

Her soft panting voice told them how much she loved being loved.orgasm succeeded orgasm while Messalina’s feast continued in a gratifying delirium of flesh. The two slave girls appointed by Mutius to watch over the princess, never felt that she needed protection.

They remained discretely aside, hiding wherever possible, patiently waiting for the gladiators to become exhausted and end their party. Around four in the morning, the tavern was still crowded and Messalina was still enjoying her first prostitution experience in the back room of the second floor. Having left Ladyssa in the stable, Mutius hurried out.

He met the people who were waiting to move Incitatus to Etruria and informed them that the horse had been sold to a Britannian princess.

He told them to wait for her and take the stallion wherever she wanted. We need Romulus’ order, said the crew chief, a stiff-lipped Etrurian, folding his arms on his chest. The pander turned on his heels and rapidly went back to the tavern.

As a matter of fact, Incitatus belonged to Romulus, but Mutius expected to buy him from his friend with no problems.

After all the horse didn’t win any races in the last two years.

To pay for his maintenance, he was trained to copulate with women by Romulus’ wife Terentia, but only a few Roman women showed any interest for that kind of experience. Mutius had agreed to pay Romulus 5 aureii (small gold coins worth about 50 dollars each in today’s value) to test Incitatus’ with Lady for a couple of hours before he was transferred to Etruria.

But when the pander asked the tavern keeper to sell him the horse, he was in for a small surprise. Sorry, my friend! exclaimed Romulus. There are plenty of Etruscan gals who appreciate a good coitus with a good horse.

They are not as single-minded and capricious as Roman women are, you know!? Calm down, Romulus, said Mutius with a convincing grin. I can pay you right now for what you could make in a year. How much? asked Romulus, considering the proposal. What about half of what I’ve put in my safe before? All of it or nothing! demanded the tavern keeper expecting to negotiate at little more than the half.

But Mutius was in a hurry.

He agreed to pay the full amount and the deal was made formal by handshake. We’ll weigh the gold tomorrow, okay? proposed Mutius. Why weigh it? — Ladyssa learned that under the protection of his divine mother, Aeneas escaped the destruction of his city after the Trojan Horse episode, and travelled to Latium (the region where Rome was later built) with a dozen of faithful Trojan warriors and with his seven-year-old son Julus.

In Latium, upon Aeneas’ death, Julus became a king and the founder of the Julian gens, a form of extended family clan exclusively obeying to a single paterfamilias, the head and father (pater in Latin) of the gens.

At his death his older son, or another male heir better fit to continue the blood-line, succeeded the former paterfamilias according to the will of the deceased. Several other clans, such as the Fabians, Cornelians, Valerians, Claudians and others, emulated the Julian model.

According to Jovenia they were called patricians because of the indisputable authority held by the pater, and played a fundamental role in the history of Roman politics culminating with the raise to absolute power of Julius Caesar, who was elected Dictator for life after a bloody civil war.

Eventually, after Julius Caesar’s assassination, his young heir Caesar Octavian defeated his rival Mark Antony and ruled the Empire for more than 40 years with the name of Augustus.

He lead the Roman world into a Golden Age of peace and prosperity—the Pax Romana—and founded the Julian Imperial dynasty now represented by Caligula. Why do paterfamilias exclude their daughters from succession? Are women considered too weak for holding power? asked Lady comparing the Roman family system with the Britannian one where women, if fit for the task, were accepted even as leaders of their tribes. Roman women are tough cookies, believe me, answered Jovenia. But they prefer to manipulate men from behind the scenes rather than challenging them on the dangerous arena of the military and in the treacherous well of the Senate House. While learning with Jovenia the history and the mores of the Roman people Lady became aware that as a Roman wife she had to be subjected to her husband’s potestas, which called for absolute obedience and respect.

He could punish her and even divorce her with a simple letter, no questions asked.

Physical punishments were rarely administrated especially when the bride’s family was a powerful one.

Of course, her husband had the right to force her to have sexual intercourse according to the manners and time of his choice. That was for Ladyssa a hard prospect to face.

What had happened to her with Incitatus made the inevitable experience of having sex with a man particularly painful.

At dawn that day she personally rode her stallion to the stables at the foot of the Testaceus Hill where her father’s stableboys kept the Britannian race horses.

It wasn’t a place worthy of her new champion.

She had to conceal his paraphernalia and there was no way to build for him a separate quilted booth where they could meet alone and make love.

She hugged and kissed him and asked him to trust her.

She would build or buy for him a new stable, close to the Palatine Hill, perhaps a little temple, a secret place of worship exclusively dedicated to his cult of which she promised to be the sole, loving priestess. Nonetheless, the search for a suitable place inside the pomerium had to be delegated to a licensed agent and Lady wasn’t in the position to contact anyone personally.

Too many people could later recognize her as the Emperor’s wife; too much was at stake for Britannia.

She had to find a trustworthy person outside her father’s entourage to serve as her proxy for the purchase of the house/temple and carry on the services that such a thoroughbred horse required on a daily basis.

But who could she trust to keep her love for Incitatus a secret? Who in Rome could be so incorruptible as to resist the temptation to sell her secret or brag about it? On her way back from her father’s stables, Ladyssa thought first of all of Jovenia, her Roman history teacher.

A young-looking woman in her thirties with a cool, non-judgmental personality and a broad vision of women’s emancipation, she was born from a good plebeian family and was married to Marcus Vinicius, a centurion of the glorious XIII legion, serving under General Galba on the Northern Frontier. Lady sent a messenger to Jovenia’s house, but on that Sun Birth Day her teacher had gone out of town to visit some relatives.

There was nothing else Lady could do than wait for the coming day, watch the crowd go wild for her promised groom, and think.

Could she be able to keep her beloved stallion close enough to see him every day or night, and feel his stupendous aura overwhelming her heart and his magnificent power expanding through her body? Could she be able to keep such a secret from the mightiest man on Earth? What would he do if he discovered her feelings for Incitatus? Would he submit her to physical punishments? According to Roman laws he could repudiate her or even have her executed….

How would her people and the whole Britannia suffer if her secret would be publicly exposed? What about that bastard, Mutius Regulatus? Would he go around telling what happened in the tavern stable? No, he wouldn’t dare doing that…

Arkana and Kardixa didn’t really remember what happened to them after being drugged by Mutius’ Greek trollops but they could testify that some kind of opium has been used in that occasion.

And if Mutius would try to balckmail her she’d accuse him of having drugged her as well.

The whole prospect of a trial was however quite distressing.

But for the moment there was nothing wrong if she bought a racing horse and if she’d take good care of him.

Then she slid a hand in the pocket of her wool tunic and took out Caligula’s letter and read again the portion dealing with her passion for horses. Didn’t you feel, my beautiful Lady, how my heart was pounding in my chest when I set the laurel crown on your lovely head upon your striking victory at the Games? Could I ever forget how you were still panting and sweating after your wonderful ride? Oh, I loved that! I loved your strength when you clutched your stallion between your legs and rode it like a Celtic Goddess in the skies of Rome! I’m still feeling the vibes, you know? Well, thought Ladyssa, the Roman Emperor is coming directly to the point.

Would he allow her to make her point as well? Would she dare to tell? Would he ever accept that his wife would only feel the vibes with a horse? If he really saw her as a Celtic Goddess there was perhaps a chance that he’d accept from the Goddess what he could not tolerate from the wife.

Who knows? Roman men are strange, she was told when she first visited the Eternal City.

And Caligula was certainly a strange man, quite handsome and sensitive though…. At midnight the official banquet was in full swing. For more than an hour, after their appearance on the terrace, Caligula, Drusilla, their family and about 500 guests had been lingering at their assigned places laying down on the plush dining couches arranged in similar combinations in three adjacent Dining Halls connected through marble arches built in the walls.

In the opening phase, they went through a series of official speeches—quite boring even though everyone tried to intersect some humor and keep the speeches short—magnifying the achievements of the Council and the Emperor’s personal success.

Then, while the guests were eating an assortment of appetizers and sipping light cocktails of wine and berries, a group of Greek pantomimes accompanied by a small music band performed brief mythological tales in honor of the Gods. Caligula and Drusilla enjoyed the party from the lectus medius, a grand couch placed close to the median wall in the larger of the Dining Halls, in the center of a succession of couches lined up on both sides of the hall close to the walls.

In the same hall, Herod Agrippa and two of his concubines entertained Caligula, Drusilla and ranking senators with high-spirited conversation, humor and competence on political matters.

Macro and his wife Ennia occupied the lectus medius of the second Hall crowded with government officials and personal guests.

Agrippinilla and Lesbia with Eutychus and Apelles were having fun dining and telling spicy stories on the couches of the third Dining Hall among their younger friends. The official phase of the banquet culminated with a series of toasts to the success of the Emperor’s programs.

Then musicians and dancers began their performances while the slaves served the main course; fish and oyster dishes, Pompeian garum, cold cuts, rich salads, nuts and kidney loafs, veal medallions, roasted lamb legs, quail eggs, marinated rhinos testicles, and other exotic delicacies.

Chian wine, beer, liquors were poured by slaves into the goblets which quickly got emptied by the guests. Drusilla tried to postpone the requested approach to Macro by telling her brother intriguing stories about Caligula’s owned Green riding squad and how some horses should be paired to beat the rival Blue, White and Scarlet squads. That’s quite interesting, sister, interrupted Caligula. Why don’t you tell Macro about it? Shouldn’t he come here with us? asked Drusilla, stalling. No, let me take you there, said Caligula getting up and helping his sister down to the floor.

They both waved to the others, giving the signal for everyone to move around at will and exchange places, joining friends in different combinations. Upon entering the second Hall, the Emperor and Drusilla were greeted with toasts and cheers.

Two topless dancing-girls playfully rubbed their breasts against Caligula’s body.

Among the applauding crowd, under the amused instigation of Macro and Ennia, Caligula grabbed the girls nipples and squeezed them until the two girls kneeled down.

They hugged his legs and tried to push their heads through the folds of his toga. Don’t do that, girls, cautioned Caligula. The Imperial verpa could bite your throat…

And slip all the way through you! Everyone laughed.

Drusilla picked up a grape bunch and approached Macro who was resting belly-down on the lectus medius between Ennia and a cute boy laying on his side in a short Greek chiton which couldn’t hide his small penis not yet adorned with pubic hair. — Imitating Messalina’s fabulous orgasms, Drusilla learned to fake hers in order to satisfy her brother and other lovers.

During intercourse she knew how to moan, beg, pound her pelvis against her paramours, embrace, entwine, quiver, scream that she was coming, and all of the arts of love.

Faking the supreme explosion of her senses became for her such a habit that she had no notion how to do it otherwise.

Indeed, she had the impression that by pretending to climax she was actually climaxing for real, even though, in the back of her mind, she feared that some day one of her boyfriends could discover her embarrassing inadequacy despite the gratification that many men achieved when they had access to her voluptuous body and lost themselves in her embrace. That night with Macro and Tysios, Drusilla was feeling very happy and didn’t think about anything but relishing the physical contact of their bodies, the friction of their skin against her skin, and the thousands pleasures that humans can give to each other with their senses and with the chemistry produced as a result.

She watched Macro and Tysios kissing and stroking their bodies together; the younger feeling the strength and the hairy embrace of the older; the latter feeling the smooth, developing manhood of the former; both aroused by their love and by Drusilla moving about them, caressing and kissing them all over. Then as Tysios was moaning close to ecstasy, widening his anal orifice, welcoming Macro’s eating mouth and tongue and fingers, Drusilla helped Macro take the boy, by placing Tysios on his lap and slowly impaling him on his erection.

Macro squeezed Tysios’ slender hairless body in his big hairy arms, enjoying the bounces of that cute peach-like bottom over his abdomen while he pounded into the twitching rectum of the boy.

The flute of the Greek eratos (adolescent boy lover of older men) tensed in Drusilla’s sensitive hands and eventually between her lips when she began blowing the celestial instrument of Eros, sucking it deeper into her mouth, and pinching his small nipples to enhance his arousal. Panting and groaning and telling sweet little nonsense to his two lovers, Tysios rode his master’s erection, grabbing Drusilla’s head by the hair, climbing higher and higher, giving to both of them the blossoming flower of his youth.

Then a sudden spiral of sensations ran rapidly throughout his body.

Feeling the delicious pulse of his orgasm, Drusilla sucked him faster and faster until his flute played the highest note, shooting an unexpected jet of sweet love into her mouth. Macro kept Tysios tight in his arms, biting his neck and shoulders to make him come more and again, masturbating his lover’s squirting penis against Drusilla’s mouth, feeling the quivers of his eratos pervading his own body, but avoiding to attain the ultimate release as he was himself taken by Drusilla’s shining personality and wanted to reserve for her alone the best of his energy and lust.

While Tysios was still feeling the last throes of his orgasm, Macro and Drusilla looked into each other eyes, and very deep indeed.

She knew what was going on through his mind and felt the natural shivers of a woman conquered by the magic of seduction. Without breaking the spell she slowly approached her ravishing face to his rugged Samsonian head.

He grabbed her and kissed her with passion.

Tysios took a wet cloth and cleaned Macro’s penis, then licked it with particular care as he knew that he would now possess the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. And there she was, the noble light-skinned redhead, her waist clasped between the muscular biceps of the big man, clinging to his mouth like a living suction cup, pulling his long thick black hair, grabbing his steel-hard erection, scratching his hairy testicles, opening her legs and rubbing her vulva against his thighs, wetting him with her continuous flow of lubrication to let him feel that she was ready to be taken and loved the way Venus intended not only for a Julian princesses but for every woman in the world. Macro and Drusilla were both so excited by all what happened before and by the sudden blast of each other attraction that all they both wanted was to copulate without need of additional foreplay.

He had her where he wanted—subjugated, spread eagle, raising her luscious pelvis to reach his domineering obelisk of flesh, staring at him, her mouth open, hyper-ventilating. What am I going to do to you, young girl? Grab me hard and don’t give me time to think, murmured a panting Drusilla. They hugged each other, kissing like mad.

He slowly sank his mentula inside her, and there it stayed without moving, giving her the time to discovering her own sensations.

Then he began to ram her brains out, pumping her fast and then slow and fast again, pulling her hair, biting her chin and throat, turning her around, entering her from behind, then raising one of her legs and taking her from underneath, rotating his rigid shaft inside her, hard and harder, thrusting and pounding.

The friction and the pleasure of the intense copulation drew a huge afflux of blood through her veins to her genitals, emptying her brain from all thoughts. Drusilla responded by letting her natural passion take over, never having experienced before such a complete feeling of physical fulfillment.

But still, despite the strong sexual bond they were joined together by her efforts to climb over the edge, she reached very high but couldn’t attain the coveted climax.

Sensing that Macro was getting close to his release, she automatically began twisting and grabbing him tighter, giving herself to him, moaning, groaning and screaming, pretending to enjoy the greater orgasm of her life.

She was very convincing but not enough for the consummate womanizer that Macro was. He stopped humping but kept his rigid member inside her and covered her mouth with his hand telling her to stay still.

Then he signaled Tysios to grab one of the Indian black scarfs lying around the couch.

The boy gave Macro the scarf, and understood what was about to happen.

He approached Drusilla and watched her as Macro rapidly tied the scarf around her neck.

She opened her eyes wide, trying to free herself but Macro and Tysios held her down.

Incapacitated, unable to move her upper body she quivered her lower one up and down to feel Macro’s erection stroking her cervix.

They pulled on the scarf.

She felt she was suffocating.

Her fantasies about Macro smothering the Emperor Tiberius came back to her mind instantaneously, but her eyes betrayed not a vestige of fright, as fear of death was very low among Romans, especially among high-blooded patricians who were taught stoic morals since childhood.

Holding one end of the scarf and leaving the other to Tysios, Macro resumed humping her, slowly tightening the scarf.

The Greek boy, who had tried that dangerous experience before, watched her closely, telling her to relax. The progressive asphyxiation provoked a strange feeling in her vagina, as if the tightening of the scarf caused an equal tightening of her genital mucosa around Macro’s pumping erection.

Within seconds her eyes rotated and she went blind. She was about to die! Her vital energy rushed from all corners of her body directly to her womb.

Nothing else in her body was conscious except the unimaginable sensations felt not by her mind, but uniquely by her sexual organ.

Macro pounded her faster and deeper for a few moments.

Suddenly, he felt a tremendous series of contractions cramping his penis, squeezing and twitching around it. Let it go! he ordered to Tysios. The boy rapidly untied the scarf around her neck and immediately applied mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Drusilla’s mouth.

She came back to life but the contractions continued.

She gasped.

Then she realized that Macro was entering her with forceful thrusts and she was reaching the first climax of her life! Screaming for real, her body shaking under convulsive waves of energy, entwining her limbs around Macro’s hairy body, she climbed on and beyond the peak of pleasure in a terrific ride which pushed her again to the edge of death, the little death which was said to be the domain of Dionysus, the God of Ecstasy. On the floor some of the Syrian girls continued to entertain the guests with their dance while others had been lured by some rich knights on their couches with the promise of a few piece of gold, and were now frolicking, laughing and drinking.

From their own couch, Cathegus and Scaurus, although engulfed with their courtesans, glanced from time to time to the lectus medius, watching Macro and Drusilla embracing and making love. I wonder why they’re doing it under the eyes of everyone, said a pensive Cathegus. It’s nature, stupid, replied Scaurus. The same nature that drove you there at her feet, kissing her cunnus as if it was the fountain of life. Don’t be so naive, Scaurus.

Nature has no entrance ticket at Caesars’ Palace.

Everything is political. In this case you may have a chance to get her, said Scaurus with nonchalance, titillating his courtesan’s nipples. What do you mean? asked Cathegus with sudden excitement. You could barter your vote opposing Macro’s magistrates in exchange of a night with her. A Cathegus’ vote is not for sale, rebutted the young senator, raising his chin with pride. Umm…

Look at her big breasts, those long legs, her perfectly rounded buttocks, that full red triangle…, murmured Scaurus with a tempting voice in his friend’s ear.

Cathegus stared at Drusilla who was passionately moving about on the pillows of the lectus medius embracing Macro and Tysios. She’s said to be frigid, remarked Cathegus sounding like the fox who watched the grapes in Aesop’s fable. Quite a remote chance considering her Julian ancestry dating back to Venus, commented Scaurus. I’ve got direct information. Well…

Why don’t you check out your informer’s veracity? That was a stimulating perspective.

Cathegus began biting his nails envisioning himself enveloping Drusilla’s body into his arms, testing her for an entire night not because he doubted about her erotic pyrotechnics, but because he could be the lucky one lighting the fuse. In the third Dining Hall, crowded by about 150 young guests partying with no less enthusiasm than their elders, Lesbia and Agrippinilla were both crowned with laurel and proclaimed Queens of the banquet. They dined on the lectus medius with their boyfriends; Lesbia with Apelles, the young actor, and Agrippinilla with Eutychus, Caligula’s favorite charioteer.

Other young males moved freely from couch to couch, cavorting, laughing, getting drunk, playing dice, betting on girls, flirting with young courtesans, undressing pretty slaves, watching acrobats, musicians and dancers performing on the floor.

As well as the guys, the girls had taken off their long gowns, and enjoyed the rest of the party in short silk subvestae (under-tunics) or Greek-linen chitons or enveloped in revealing colorful veils. Apelles and Lesbia ate very little of the main course.

They talked sweetly about Greek comedies and Latin poetry.

A few nights before, Apelles played the leading role of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex in the Court theater.

Whereupon, Lesbia visited the young actor in his booth and the two of them developed a serious crush for each other.

They exchanged a long kiss, then Lesbia ran away to her quarters, her heart pounding in her chest, caressing her lips the whole night to continue taste Apelles’ flavor. A high-spirited Agrippinilla, much more impertinent and less sentimental than her younger sister, ate and frolicked not only with Eutychus but also with boyfriends and fellow patricians Metellus Gabinius and Publius Certicus, both just over 16—the age when Roman boys officially reach maturity and receive the toga virilis symbol of adulthood.

The two young men were both passionate supporters of the Green chariot team, rooting for Eutychus, ace of the squad during his innumerable winning races. Handsome, well-built and proud, both Gabinius and Certicus were engaged by Caligula among his Scouts, a group of about 300 young men, patricians and plebeians viscerally faithful to the new Emperor, assigned to various tasks; not only commendable ones such as scouting Italian stables to select the best race horses, overseeing the training of horses and charioteers, organizing the Green fans, but also mischievous ones such as secretly poisoning the horses of the rival Blue squad, bribing chariot drivers and trainers, fixing bets, fighting rival fans outside the Circus Maximus, or engaging them with clubs and daggers in street wars, sometimes ending in a bloodbath. After the main course, the lectus medius became more crowded by other common friends, boys and girls, noisily plotting pranks with Agrippinilla, rolling over each other, kissing and touching and playfully showing off.

Annoyed by all that chaos, Lesbia and Apelles slipped to the back of the couch, hiding under large scarfs and pillows.

She kissed him feeling the same spark as the first time.

He undid her tiny bombyx and delicately licked the freshness of her hairless wet apricot, exploring her while she caressed his penis with quivering hands.

They did sweet little things to each other but not for long as they were both eager to make love.

But just when their graceful intercourse was getting more passionate, Agrippinilla stick her head under pillows and scarfs and held Apelles back. Didn’t we have a deal, sister? asked Agrippinilla poking at Lesbia’s shoulder.

The girl grasped Apelles to keep his erection inside her. Leave me alone… she moaned in a dream-like state. Hey! Have you lost your memory? insisted Agrippinilla turning her sister’s face towards hers. What…? The tail game? replied Lesbia after a sigh. What else? Screwing with an elephant!? Can’t we wait another hour? Don’t make me laugh! He isn’t going to keep it up for more than a minute. Cool down, Agri, intervened Apelles. I can stick my verpa up your ass and make you do the grand tour of the Servian Walls before going limp. Please, Api, murmured Lesbia, don’t talk with my sister’s language. I’m sorry, darling, said Apelles giving Lesbia a little kiss. What’s this tail deal? None of your business, comedian, replied Agrippinilla unceremoniously pushing him away from Lesbia and grabbing her sister by the arm: Come, let’s go! Wait for me, love, said Lesbia kissing Apelles on a cheek. I’ll be back shortly, okay? — Ohh, I love you, I love you, he breathed, and then he spread her cheeks and began biting her crack harder and harder as she incited him to do so, and then gnawing and biting her areola, and forcing his tongue inside her sphincter.

Her arousal escalated.

She felt his fat, incredibly long tongue circling and probing the sensitive nerves of her rectum, sucking and biting her anus while titillating her clitoris with his fingers and massaging her crotch with the palm of that same hand. Drusilla pushed her feet against his groin, rubbing the erection which thrust out from his short tunic.

Mutius was overjoyed! What a marvelous young woman she was! How involved did he feel in giving her pleasure! And Drusilla felt like a Goddess whose duty was to satisfy the desires of the mortals for they could only enjoy the quivers of the flesh for a short, insignificant life-span.

How could any woman turn down any of these poor souls? How could women think that by denying their favors they would gain dignity when the only dignity a woman could gain before the Gods was directly proportional to the number of her lovers and to the gaudium she felt and gave to them? She turned around leaning on her back, gazing into his eyes.

They were full of tears. The pander mumbled some Byzantine words of love, slowly shaking his head to conceal the tenderness of his soul as he watched her marvelous body stretching and opening up for him on the massage table.

She knew how deep were the emotions of that adoring man in the transient circumstances which brought him so close to her divinity and her so close to surrender for him the bless of her senses. Come…, said the Julian princess putting her feet on his shoulders while her eyes twinkled with empathy. Come inside me. She pushed her pelvis against him.

He spread her thighs just enough to look at his member parting her labia, entering her very slowly as if he wanted to prolong the enchantment of the moment.

With reverence he watched at her flat belly and with inspiring sensuality at her wondrous cunnus as it expanded around his shaft until it was completely inside her. Spurring him with her feet, she urged him to do it faster and deeper.

Go, Mutius, go! Forget about my rank and just treat me as if I were a new victim of Ishtar! Take me deep and deeper to the wonders of Sodom and Gomorrah! Hate me a little, come on! He tried that, of course, feeling the ancestral unsophisticated urge to copulate with masculine ardor with any female in heat.

Then, while they were both aggressively humping at each other to feel greater and greater stimulation, she took his hands to her throat. Press them around my neck until I faint, she said in order to verify whether or not any man could make her come as Macro and Tysios did last night at the banquet. Oh, Ishtar! Ishtar! he exclaimed as if Drusilla’s demands were those of the Sex-Goddess of Babylon. Where have you been for so long? At the apex of his mystic frenzy, he locked his hands around her long, patrician neck, strangling her sweetly, impairing both her breathing and the afflux of blood to her brain.

She felt losing control but before fainting she experienced the same vaginal contractions which caused her to climax with Macro and Tysios.

Her ventral muscles began quivering.

A true expert of this dangerous technique, Mutius decreased the pressure of his fingers on her neck giving her just enough air and blood to prevent her from fainting, then he increased the pressure again to keep her on the edge of collapse. Thereupon, he did that with a single hand, using the other hand to rub her clitoris.

Pounding the 19-year-old princess with all of his energy he saw her reaching the point of no return.

Feeling close to ejaculation, he sodomized her to the full extension of her sphincter, and continued the squeeze and release his hand around her neck.

She didn’t fully faint but lost enough consciousness to abandon her physical body to a throbbing orgasm, the power of which increased when he stopped choking her and she realized that she was being sodomized. In the adjacent bathroom, Briseis, Octavia and the other slaves heard their domina panting and growling and screaming.

But since they knew that she was just enjoying the natural outburst of her youthful sensuality, they welcomed Drusilla’s climax by exchanging some amiable smiles with the exception of Briseis whose taste was visibly hurt by knowing that the man who was possessing her princess was an abominable, repulsive individual utterly unworthy of her noble rank, as well as of any other well-minded woman on Earth.

Nonetheless, Briseis kept her dignified posture and, besides a small twitching of her chin, she didn’t allow her subordinates to detect her true feelings.

Then she asked the boys to provide for more hot water. I believe the princess will need another bath, shortly, said Briseis with a hint of disgust.

The three slave boys moved quickly towards the back room to obey her order. Having found out through Mutius’ able hand pressures that smooth asphyxiation could work the same miracle as the more forceful strangulation she experienced with Macro, Drusilla happily stretched on the massage table, while her new Byzantine friend devotedly washed her genitals from the abundant outpour of his issue. Are you happy? she asked him. He put his palms on his face: I must keep my joy inside to make sure that it’s imprinted in my mind forever. Even if I’ll never allow you to embrace me again? I’ve never expected to receive the gift of your favors, Drusilla, and I’m not expecting any such gift any other time in the future, but the scent of your body is now so deeply engraved in my memory that the moment I’ll die it will be still there to lead my happy soul to the heavens. Good.

I like that…, she said caressing his head while he adoringly kissed her navel.

Then while Mutius cleansed his groin and donned his coat, she addressed him again: Octavia told me that you have a special balm, don’t you. Octavia? Yes, the slave who couldn’t follow you when you left the tavern with Lady. Oh, that girl…. Didn’t you heal her bruises with it? — We aren’t going to the bedroom? she asked with surprise. No, lay down here on the pillow. She laid down.

He admired her slim body, her narrow hips, her long legs, and her beautiful breasts.

Then he slowly pulled off her loincloth with a certain apprehension…

Would his handsome blonde bride have that kind of regal cunnus as lovely and shapely and well-proportioned as he imagined when he first saw her in the Circus Maximus? While exploring her with his fingers he sensed that the form of her vulva was close to perfection but now only the visual impact could confirm that sensation. He spread her legs…

Yes! She had that rare regal cunnus he could fall in love with! It’s marvelous to watch, you know? he said caressing her attractive labia and parting them to enjoy the vision of her delightful pink orifice.

Then he pushed her legs up on his shoulders, and began kissing her ravishing genitals, licking and tasting her odorless flesh, inserting one and then two fingers inside her.

She wasn’t sure what he expected her to do or how to react, but she couldn’t prevent herself from thinking of Incitatus’ big, slapping tongue, and comparing it to her husband’s suction and titillation.

It was perhaps a technically impeccable cunnilingus, but lacked the sheer power of her stallion.

She suppressed her thoughts, moving her hips a little just to show him some kind of appreciation. Do you like it? asked Caligula. Yes…

It makes me ticklish, she answered with an innocent smile, ruffling his blond hair.

He playfully bit her cunnus making her laugh and cry again.

She wasn’t as sensuous as he wanted her to be, but her beauty and childish behavior stimulated his easy challenging nature. Without ceasing to eat her sex, he shifted his body around, placing his penis against her mouth.

With naive surprise, she noticed that it was still almost flaccid and she became confused.

Was he impotent? Didn’t he like her enough? Was she inadequate for his sophisticated expectations? Repressing these intrusive thoughts, she licked his dangling member, then opened her mouth, sucking it inside.

It took a while but she felt with some relief that it was getting bigger and harder. Rub my nipples, he said interrupting his cunnilingus. As she hesitated, puzzled by that strange request, he stretched his arm beneath his body, pulled her hands away from his pelvis and placed them on his chest.

She found his nipples and began rubbing them.

In less than a minute, to her amazement, his penis reached full erection in her mouth.

Even though she had never done any such things as simultaneous fellatio, cunnilingus and fondling a man’s nipples, she loved being able to cause his arousal by playing an active role in the reciprocal stimulation of their senses.

Instinctively, her pelvis reacted in a riding fashion.

He felt a definite increase of her lubrication whereas her motion brought back a vivid vision of her exciting ride at the Games providing additional fuel to his lust.

It became more and more difficult to postpone the genital intercourse that he so passionately pictured in his mind when he first saw her riding her horse, speeding seven times around the spina of the Circus Maximus.

He rolled over and placed her on top of him. Ride me now! Unleash your power and make me win the race! he shouted grabbing her buttocks, sticking his erection inside her and arching his back to better imitate the shape of a horse.

Surprised by his sudden enthusiasm, she let it go and rode him, bouncing up and down on his sizable hard verpa, pounding her knees against his flanks, inciting him in her Britannian language, hanging on his nipples as if they were the short reins of his champion.

She didn’t feel as much his erection prodding inside her but mentally she identified in the role he wanted her to play. Ladyssa really had a lot of fun, enjoying the riding game for a long time, in different positions, relaxing every time he came, eating and drinking—wine for him and beer for her—and starting again, riding on his back as he moved around on all fours, laughing and cavorting all over his quarters.

She gave him as much she was able to give, yet she was unable to reach any appreciable sexual climax despite the powerful thrusts of his penis and his abundant ejaculations. When Caligula finally fell exhausted on the bed, he knew that she didn’t come even once.

While she was tenderly resting her head on the crook of his shoulder, he caressed her long blond hair. Did you ever reach any kind of orgasm? he asked. You mean…

The gaudium? Yes. Well…


Never with a man, she said. Ohh! You like girls? he asked her thinking to call his sisters or some of his concubines to play exciting lesbian games. She sat up, offended: Noooo! How could you think that? Pouting, she gave him a little slap on his penis.

He burst out laughing.

She looked at him for a moment then she laughed back and kissed him. So, if you never had an orgasm with men or women, how do you know about it? I didn’t know about gaudium until the night of my bridal shower, she said laying down and putting again her head on his shoulder. You saw some women getting off? She could have answered yes, but she was too proud and noble to lower herself to the level of common people who lie for stupid motives all the time. No…

I had gaudium, she said without fear. He frowned.

How the hell…? he thought.

Then a crazy idea flashed through his mind. — You’re really a precious friend, you know? said the princess lifting a foot and rubbing his knees.

Her short tunic slid up.

Staring at her crotch, covered by her tiny loincloth, Mutius took her foot in his hands and kissed her toes and her sandal.

She rose the other foot and let him kiss and lick both feet and ankles for a while.

His deep breathing, his sighs and the tender words he was muttering expressed much more than devotion to the princess; he was clearly in love with the woman. Take off your boltus, she murmured with her sensuous voice.

Mutius removed his voluminous Byzantine headgear from his head and placed it on the floor.

Then he began caressing her legs, kissing his way up to her pelvis, licking and titillating the soft skin of her inner thighs. I’m not giving you this as a reward, you know? she said with a velvety voice parting her legs and raising both knees. Why then? Because you turn me on. Oh, Drusilla…

I’m just pouring my emotions upon you, without any intent. I know, Mutius, I know…, she said laying halfway back on the desk, watching the broad mouth of the Byzantine nibbling at her thighs, brushing her Mount of Venus, licking her over the loincloth and then opening his jaws to encompass the whole extent of her genitals.

Her perfumed garden veiled by her bombyx became visible to him through the wet silk as the saliva of his tongue blended with the juices of her marvelous vulva.

While another man would have enjoyed the thrill of subduing a coveted prey, Mutius relished the pure physical sensations conveyed to him by the shivering reaction of her female nature.

Inflamed by the full contact, feeling possessed by his mouth, she moaned and panted yes, oh yes, do that…. And she raised and pushed and rubbed her pelvis against his teeth, telling him to tear off her loincloth, then giving herself to him with no restraints, feeling his warm tongue parting her labia and applying a fervent suction to her clitoris.

Flicking the tip of his tongue on the hardening tip of her sensitive button, he heard her moan louder and louder.

She laid down completely on the desk and entwined her legs around his neck, shaking her pelvis against his face until a gush of vaginal secretions invaded his mouth, indicating a state of feverish arousal. But today Drusilla’s feelings for the Byzantine pander were indeed much deeper than the first time they copulated in her massage room.

She slid down from the desk, hugging him and biting his lips, opening his coat and taking off her chiton just to rub her breasts and all of herself skin-to-skin against his short fat body.

Nothing more than the deep, ardent kiss she gave him on his mouth could have made him more engulfed in her bewitching personality.

They kept kissing quite wildly while he rubbed her nipples and she stroked his erection between her knees in order to enhance their reciprocal excitement. When the level of their arousal reached the highest point, she kneeled down and quickly stuck Mutius’ large shaft into her mouth, pinching and pulling and biting his scrotum in order to draw all of his sexual energy to his organ.

Drusilla fellated the pander with gusto, enjoying the large circonference of his glans which she pushed deep into her throat, relishing his throbs and his moans, becoming more and more excited until she couldn’t wait any longer.

She laid down on a pillow, spreading her legs and receiving his powerful first thrust inside her with a scream of relief.

Hugging and kissing him, and humping with him, the splendid princess gave herself to the ugly-looking Byzantine until the intercourse became so fast that the sheer friction of his iron-hard spear made her vagina crackling like a bonfire. Lifting one of her legs, shifting her body to one of her hips, and kneeling astride her lower thigh, Mutius rammed her deep and thoroughly, filling his eyes with the vision of her voluptuous beauty, pulling her nipples, stroking hard upon her cervix.

Suddenly he felt some distinctive vaginal contractions which only needed a small extra stimuli to drive them out of control.

He could have resorted to the asphyxiation technique, but he was so involved in the copulation that the only thing he came up with was to bite the heel of the leg he was hugging while pounding into her. But that was enough! As his teeth nipped the nerves of her heel, a discharge of energy ran instantaneously from her leg right to her vagina, driving her feelings into overdrive.

Her orgasmic contractions escalated beyond the point of no return.

Her genital tract crumpled in on his penis, sending her strong vibrations to his pumping instrument.

She screamed, tossing her head, rotating her eyes, panting and rocking, telling him she was coming.

The more he kept biting her heel, the more she kept climaxing, responding to all what he did to her with his hands—slapping her buttocks, rubbing her clitoris, fingering her anus, pinching her nipples, spreading her pleasure all over her twisting body. Finally, she grabbed his head, kissing him again, gasping, and asking him to come.

His ramming motion got frantic.

His vision blurred.

Trumpeting like a wounded elephant, he squirted inside her.

Her joy matched his joy.

Tempestuously pounding him with all of her strength, she reached the highest peak, squirting her love nectar against his fat belly, coming with no interruption throughout his entire ejaculation, and then enjoying together the last stings of pleasure, calming down while their lust slowly subsided, enveloping both of them in a warm sense of intimate fulfillment. You’re a monster, she whispered to his ear. Will you ever forgive me? She chuckled: I don’t think so. Then she pushed him away, laughing as he fell on the floor and rolled like a ball protecting his dripping groin with his hands. Carrying a couple of scrolls, a light-hearted and freshly-bathed Drusilla entered Caligula’s study in one of her most glamorous tunics, open by a long slit on both sides of her body, tied on her waist by a golden belt. She gave her brother a little kiss, then she sat down on a chair in front of his desk.

Waiting for him to finish signing some documents, she placed her scrolls on his desk, picked up a banana from a basket of exotic fruits and peeled it. How you doing, sister? asked Caligula still reading his documents. I’m in top form, and you? Feeling great, he answered without looking at her. How was your wedding night? Beyond my wildest dreams, he said glancing through other documents. I’ve heard she has bought a terrific horse. Caligula rose his head and gazed at her.

Drusilla sensuously licked the banana.

He smiled: Always well-informed, hmm my little sister? — I love Belgican girls, he said kissing her shoulder and rubbing her nipples, turning her on. These were the last words that made any sense.

Off went her leather attire.

Besides her tiny loincloth and her skin leggings she was nude in their hands.

They nibbled at her breasts and palpated her crotch, feeling her wetness.

Panting, she opened her legs.

Fingers slipped inside her.

Mouths were kissing her mouth.

They wanted her completely nude.

Breathlessly, she said… yes.

Marcellus pulled off her loincloth.

Glancing at her elongated, protruding pubis and brushing her engorged labia with his nose, he took off her leggings and even her soft leather footwear.

They made her sit on the table.

Marcellus began eating her.

She responded with an outburst of lust to Remus’ kiss while feeling Marcellus erection pointing at the orifice of her cunnus.

He entered her up to the hilt, copulating her with fast, powerful thrusts. The intercourse became frantic.

She began to come with Marcellus, then they laid her down on the piles of fabric and she came again with Remus.

She couldn’t stop climaxing.

Remus lifted her up and impaled her back entry on Marcellus erected penis, then he sucked her clitoris and copulated her as well.

In the throes of orgasm, embraced by both guys at the same time, she felt Marcellus squirting in her bowels.

Remus continued to pound into her vulva, driving her out of her mind. Outside the store, Arkana and Kardixa couldn’t keep Incitatus quiet among the crowd of the street.

They dismounted their horses and Kardixa pulled the three animals to the other side of the crossroad while Arkana waited for Lady by the shop entrance.

After a while she looked inside, trying to spot Lady among the clients.

Not seeing her, Arkana became concerned.

Fearing the worst, she entered the crowded store and began looking around. Where was she? With the few Latin words she knew, Arkana asked a vendor if he saw a young woman dressed with a leather attire.

The vendor smiled but didn’t answer.

A female client overheard her and indicated the back door.

Arkana approached the vestibulum.

She heard Lady’s voice moaning yes! yes! and slowly pushed the door.

Through the crack she saw her mistress embracing the two guys in the nude.

Panicking, Arkana stepped back.

How was it possible that the Emperor’s wife could betray her husband and risk being repudiated just four days after her marriage? The bodyguard decided to avoid getting involved.

She returned outside the store and waited for a long while until a dishevelled Ladyssa came out holding a bag.

Her leather attire was roughly stringed, her legs and feet still utterly nude.

Happily, she took Arkana underarm. I bought a beautiful tunic, she lied.

As a matter of fact, the tunic was given to her as a present by the two guys, but she thought that Arkana didn’t have to know that. Later in the night, in the little temple, Lady told Caligula that upon leaving her father on the Via Cassia and riding back to town, she made love with two young Roman men in a tailoring store.

His eyes twinkled.

Her nostrils quivered.

He hugged her. Oh, my love! Is it true? he asked her like a child who was just told the most extraordinary fable he’d ever heard and wanted to believe every word of it. She smiled and nodded.

His mouth dropped.

She was definitively sincere.

He hugged her again, excited as he’d never been before.

This was the wife he wanted! Bold and free and challenging! Oh, how sweet were the Gods! How quickly she learned their lesson! Beaming and kissing her like mad, he wanted to know every detail, and loved everything of her as she told him how it started; how much she became aroused when Marcellus caressed her thighs causing goosebumps all over; how easily they convinced her to go into the store and straight to the vestibulum; how fast her nipples became erect when the two guys rubbed them and pinched them; and how wet she was when they undressed her and fingered her deep…. While she continued to inflame his mind with her tale of uncontrollable lust, he felt how much she was herself turned on by her own narration.

He made love to her the whole night, forcing her to repeat the most intimate detail of her intercourse with Remus and Marcellus even and especially when he was pounding her like a famished satyr and she was screaming and climaxing like the ultimate vixen she had already become and more was she about to become as he made her promise to do it again.

Anything! Anything! she pledged under the furious attack of her Emperor.

And there she was, the loveliest of the Britannian girls, giving him everything she had in herself, conquered in every fiber of her body, forming with her husband the most perfect union, not because he was the legitimate owner of her flesh, but because he was also the imaginative master of her mind. That night Ladyssa realized how much Caligula needed her.

He wanted her to expand her carnal experiences not only with Incitatus but with other men as well.

He needed other people to admire her, desire her, and possess her because for him love and lust were the two facets of the same coin forged by the immortal Gods and given to the mortals the very day Prometheus made the first man out of clay and Eros blew the breath of life over the inanimate matter. That night Ladyssa fell in love with Caligula. * * * CHAPTER NINE From the night Goran the Goth met Messalina at Lothar’s gladiators’ party in Romulus’ tavern, he was waiting for the third day after New Year without being able to get her image out of his mind for a single minute. What occurred when they locked eyes and she reached out with her arms saying… come here, obsessively resonated in his mind.

Her incredibly soft and beautiful young persona and the love she transmitted to him during their intercourse was vividly and probably forever impressed in his memory.

Early the day after the party he had to leave for a week of fights already booked in the arena of Alba Fucentia, a populous town of Central Italy about 50 miles east of Rome, otherwise he would have gone to the Aventine Hill right away searching for Messalina’s house. Goran the Goth belonged to the gladiators’ team of Sempronius Vatia, a former centurion of the VI Legion who became a superb coach by demanding the strictest of training and unswerving discipline from all of his men.

Goran’ parents moved to Mediolanum (today’s Milan, Italy) from the original barbarian land of the Goths (today’s Ukraine) when Goran was already twelve years old and, despite his baby face, an excellent young wrestler.

In Mediolanum he met one of Sempronius’ agents who saw his potential and enrolled him in his local athletic school, and two years later in the gladiatorial college. — It isn’t proper for a pander to have sex with his girls, he said. I could become emotional and manage your jobs with a bias which is forbidden by my oath to Venus Pandemon. Messalina understood, then asked him to make her work for the following two nights in some of his cheap brothels in order to obtain the favors of the Goddess during the dangerous event with Servilius. Since Messalina was invoking sacred protection, Mutius had to conform with her demand.

However, in order to avoid having simple plebeians believe that they could copulate with a princess for a few sestertii (tiny silver coins worth about a dollar each in today’s value), he suggested that she remain incognito and perform under the name of Licinia.

Messalina agreed.

During the two nights she worked in Mutius’ popular lupanares (Roman brothels,) Licinia enjoyed a tremendous success.

All of her clients, more than fifty per night, impressed by her stunning beauty and seductive demeanor, lined up waiting for their turn to take her into one of the small cubicles—sometimes alone, sometimes in groups—and possess her in every possible ways.

Amazed by her stamina, they realized that the gorgeous young body they held in their arms was relishing their embraces more than themselves, climaxing with everyone, even while the brothels attendants washed her vagina with a short rod covered with a wet warm sponge after every trick. The night before her appointment with Servilius, she was driven back in her lectica a couple of hours before dawn.

Intimately satisfied in her body, mind and soul, she fell asleep like an angel from Mount Olympus, totally forgetful about Goran the Goth. While the young gladiator was still waiting outside the gate, Messalina woke up and was informed of the visitor.

The name didn’t ring any bell, but she told the gatekeepers to let him in and wait in the peristilium.

Upon a warm bath, the princess donned a long robe, and went out, drying her hair with a towel.

She stopped behind the columns watching the young blond man sitting on a bench on the other side of the gardened area.

She didn’t remember having seen him before but her heart began beating faster.

Sensing her presence he looked in her direction. Goran? she tentatively called moving slowly in front of a column. He stood up: Messalina! Suddenly she remembered everything of him. Goran! she cried opening her arms. Goran rushed to her and hugged her in a storm of emotions.

Kisses blended with words of love, happiness with desire, memories with tears.

It was like two young lovers meeting again after being separated by dreadful circumstances.

She eagerly grabbed him by the hand and they recklessly ran to her bedroom. Their hearts pounding in their chests, they found again the magic of their first encounter, melting into each other senses, engaging in passionate lovemaking, expressing their feelings a thousand times over, giving and taking the gift of true love sparking between them while simultaneously climbing the peak of pleasure, screaming with joy as the mystical bond glued them together, shuddering their bodies for an eternal moment of time. Then they rested, still dreaming, still sharing the intimate secret of a reciprocal commitment not consciously unveiled yet burning under the skin, keeping the fire alive.

But as the colors of the room began to change with the setting sun, Messalina’s mind slowly focused on a different commitment.

That night she promised to stay with Servilius…. Where are you going? asked Goran holding her hand as she tried to roll out of the bed.

He looked at her with his blue eyes deepened by satisfied lust but with such innocence, with such confidence in their togetherness that she felt her heart shrinking in her chest by the idea of leaving him. The princess caressed his shiny blond curls, thanking in her mind Venus Pandemon for having sent the most beautiful of her sons as a reward for the two nights she passed in Mutius’ brothels.

Goran perceived that Messalina was thinking about the future. I’ve got a permit for three days, he said. She gave him a little kiss, then she stood up, put on her robe and moved to her study.

With firm hand she wrote Mutius a message. Please excuse me with Servilius.

I’ve caught a cold and I’d be unworthy of his attentions.

Tell him to give me a few days to recover. Messalina. She sealed the small scroll, then she called a slave and told him to deliver it immediately to Mutius Regulatus’ address. That night at the Palace, Briseis was sleeping in her cubicle trashing around in bed in the midst of a confused dream.

She was walking up and down in the nude in front of Drusilla who was holding a big snake in her hands.

The words of her domina obsessively resounded in her mind. I’m going to find you many lovers, lovers, lovers…. A multitude of men appeared behind Drusilla. — Briseis felt her wetness drenching the bombyx. Can I chose my first lover? Of course, answered the Byzantine taking her by the hand and leading her out of the bathroom.

He showed her a plush cubiculum lined up with others in a hallway, then proceeded with her to the gambling rooms. The gamblers of the first room moved back in amazement as Mutius appeared with the ritzy Gallic slave walking on his side.

Mutius announced Briseis as a model showing Petronius’ latest creations provoking cries of approval, obviously directed to the proud, tall young woman whose bony yet well-fleshed body attracted the gaze of the patrons like a magnet.

Her rounded small buttocks, her small yet perfectly shaped breasts with the transparent top brushing over her long erected nipples, the compass of her long legs with that inviting space between her thighs, and the wet bombyx visibly underlying her labia along with the soft hair of her pubis, exuded irresistible sensuality.

Hands couldn’t refrain from caressing her as she walked up and down through the rooms, closer and closer to the men, looking with twinkling eyes for the boldest and most attractive one.

She was tuned on not only by the physical contact with inflamed males but by the simple thought of hiding with one of them in a cubiculum and start copulating again. Do you want me? whispered Briseis to the ear of a rugged adventurer from Macedonia who was gazing at her like a panther without even a hint of a smile. The man’s nod gave her the shivers. Wait for me in the hallway, she told him.

She continued her walk through the gambling rooms, then she quickly moved to the hallway.

The Macedonian was there, leaning against a wall.

She leaned on him.

He forcefully clutched her narrow waist with an arm. I’m going to make you cry, he said. I know…, she replied stroking her pubis on his bulge. He pushed her into an open cubiculum and locked the door behind him.

As she had instinctively sensed when she noticed his domineering gaze in the gambling room, he gave her no mercy and really made her cry. But Briseis was becoming insatiable.

Despite the devastating pounding she endured form the fierce Macedonian and the mindblowing orgasms she gave him in return, as soon as he left her in the cubiculum she couldn’t rest for more than a couple of minutes.

Her arousal was still tingling her genitals, even more than before. How many guys are still there? she asked Mutius in the bathroom while the ancillae washed her and prepared her for another session. They’re all waiting for you, answered the pander. What do you want me to wear? He fastened a gold chain around her waist. Just wear this chain and your sandals, he said. I want you to play blind girl’s bluff and select your lovers without seeing them. How? she asked. By the way they touch you, of kiss you, or by the size of their members—you know how…. Yeah…

I think I do, she said as a new wave of excitement ran through her body. Mutius led a nude, blindfolded Briseis into a different room, crowded by male patrons only.

The pander silenced their cheers and asked them to form a circle around her.

Following Mutius’ instructions she began walking inside the circle as if she was modelling the gold chain on her waist, feeling the men’s extended hands brushing her body, but without approaching any one in particular.

Then Mutius announced the rules of the game.

He promised 10,000 sestertii to each of the first three guys she would chose as her next lovers provoking enthusiastic comments which the Byzantine silenced again, threatening some loud guys with immediate expulsion from the contest.

The rules were simple.

She would approach each of the about sixty men standing in circle, but they’ll be allowed to hold her in their arms only for the time he counted aloud from one to ten; then each man had to release her and pass her to his right-hand neighbor.

At her discretion, she could make a first selection of more than three guys and test this group later on until her final choice of three. Wouldn’t it be fair to give a prize also to the men who make the first selection? asked Briseis to Mutius among mumbles of approval from the circle.

The pander agreed; he’ll award 1,000 sestertii to the guys who made the first selection but not the final three. Eager to put their hands on Briseis’ uncommonly lean yet overly enticing physique, all the men agreed about the rules.

Mutius made sure that her blindfold was properly tight around her head, then spun the nude Gallic slave around a couple of times and let her go so she could approach the first contestant in order to begin her selection. While each man hugged her, kissed her, and rubbed her, pinching, squeezing and fingering her all over for the time Mutius counted from one to ten, she was provided not only with intense sensual pleasure but with the wondrous feeling of being a primordial nymph running nude in the forest chased by hordes of satyrs and lovers whose only purpose was to copulate her and release together the divine energy infused by the Gods in every soul. Eventually, after mind-blowing contacts with about half of the contestants, the game had to be cancelled.

The men discovered Briseis’ most sensitive spots and she couldn’t refrain from coming with such an intensity that she remained attached to one man or another, opening her legs and screaming under the persistent stimulation, refusing from being detached from the men she was with until her climax overwhelmed her entire body and obfuscated her mind. She was taken into the biggest cubiculum and she gave to every man so much of herself that even Mutius had to agree that he had never seen a woman as indestructible as the splendid Gallic slave who, nonetheless, radiated pride, class and elegance even while the ravenous men feasted upon her, eating her and giving it to her from all sides, keeping her steady in their arms when she shuddered and jolted out of control. At sunrise, after her lovers all left the mansion, Briseis was bathed and pampered by the day-shift ancillae amazed by what they’ve heard from the night-time slaves and about the pleasure she shared for so long with most of the patrons.

Mutius soothed her genitals with his magic balm, then made her drink a tisane, put her to bed, and ordered two ancillae to sing her a lullaby until she was finally soundly asleep. — I’m waiting for my father, answered the adolescent indicating the hallway. He’s in there in a cubi with a whore. Why don’t you do the same? I’ve got no denarii, he said glancing at her legs. Do you like me? she said twirling in front of him, her tunic raising to her hips. The teenager nodded. Well, let’s see…

If you can untie my loincloth with one hand while I count from one to five, I’ll take you to a cubi for a short time and free of charge. Briseis leaned against his body, counting in his ear with her horse, sensuous voice.

His erection grew quite big in a couple of seconds, just about the time he took to undo her bombyx and raise it in sign of victory.

She kissed him. My name is Mamercus.

Are you going to keep your promise? asked the teenager tieing the bombyx around her neck. Of course, she said licking his hand. My name is Briseis and you’ve conquered me. Emboldened by her surrender, unaware that her golden necklace indicated her slave status, Mamercus forced his hand between her legs, entering her with his fingers.

She kissed him again enjoying his frenzy, then led him into a cubiculum and responded to his clumsy yet audacious lovemaking with her customary passion.

Upon coming into her like a young bull, he nastily penetrated her with his entire hand, shaking her and feeling a quick sequence of orgasmic contractions released by her squirting vagina. Climaxing without control, she hugged him tight in her arms, entwining her long legs around his hips, pounding herself on his ramming hand.

Panting and screaming like she was about to die, Briseis bit his shoulder, hurting him quite badly.

He pushed her away.

She fell to the carpeted floor bumping onto a padded wall, bending over, holding her abdomen to subdue the storming orgasm which continued to shake her body. Never do that again, bitch! Mamercus told her with a vicious look.

Then he went out, slamming the door behind him.

She remained on the floor for a few minutes dumbfounded by the change of mood of her young lover.

When she resumed control of her feelings, she washed her lower body with a wet cloth, put on her short tunic, and tiptoed out of the cubiculum. Despite the incident with Mamercus, her plan worked to perfection.

Two guards spotted her as she was about to go over the walls of the garden.

They grabbed her.

She screamed and kicked at the two men while they dragged her back to the mansion.

Patrons rushed out of the main door followed by Mutius who played the role of the outraged dominus with his Byzantine talent for the dramatic.

Briseis spat on him, shouting and twisting like she was being stung by a swarm of bees.

Some of the patrons mingled around her trying to control her tantrum.

She insulted, kicked and spat on them as well.

Mamercus joined the scuffle.

Without realizing who he was, she bit his arm.

He slapped her hard across her face with anger.

Some patrons separated the two. I’ve told you never to do that again, slave! he screamed ripping off her tunic while trying to slap her again. Shut up, you impotent bastard! she shouted at him as other patrons held her aback.

Mutius threw himself among the excited men who were groping the stunning nude woman like apes.

Offended in his virility, Mamercus demanded that the Gallic slave be crucified right away.

Mutius and the patrons refused.

But flagellation was inevitable.

Mamercus asked to take part in her punishment.

Mutius hesitated. Let him do that! uttered a patron.

The pander looked at Briseis.

She returned him an imperceptible nod.

Mutius took a deep breath, shook his head, then ordered his guards to carry the slave to the basement. The die was cast! Briseis had no way to avoid the fury of Mamercus and the assault of the other men, even if she’d ask for mercy or declare that it was all a setup.

But she had no intention of doing that—and she didn’t. So, where is she now? asked Drusilla to Mutius the following afternoon when he came to the Palace to report the antics of her head slave. At dawn, when the session was over, I medicated her with my balms, then I took her on my lectica to my sister’s house on the Collis Viminalis.

I’ve organized a shift of ancillae to stay with her day and night.

She’s constantly medicated and kept in bed with her wrists tied up away from her body in order to prevent her from masturbating. Would she do that? Possibly, answered the Byzantine. Her genitals are still engorged and itching.

There are some lacerations, but my sister Lamitha and her ancillae are taking care of those parts with tampons dipped in cooling tisane. Will she heal, completely? Yes.

It’ll take a couple of days but I’ll get her back to you in excellent physical conditions. — Umm, I like that, said Caligula while Lady rotated her pelvis against him. And then? He touched me. On your cunnus? Yes, right there on my clitoris and made me so wet…

Then he slid his fingers inside. Were the other clients watching you? Yes, everyone. You like it when other people are watching you, uh? Yes, I do…, she panted becoming overly aroused by her own imaginary escapade just as when she told Caligula about her real one in the tunic shop. What did he do with his hand? He forced it all inside me…

I was screaming…

I lifted my legs…

Giving it to him…

Oh yes, Cal, I’m going to come! Wait! he shouted pounding her. What did the others do? They all watched me…

I was nude…

The hand inside…

Ravaging me…

Pumping me…

The other guys came around me…

And they all did it to me…



Oh, yes! Lady and Caligula humped at each other faster and faster, getting rid of the blanket, climaxing together, quivering and screaming not only for the release of the physical energy spurting from friction of their frenzied sexual organs, but also for the active involvement of their minds. Once again, Lady felt with Caligula such a complete togetherness that she began losing any sense of reality and was ready to give in to his most provocative wishes by making them part of her own dreams. For three entire days and nights Messalina and Goran the Goth lived together the most intense love affair of their lives. Never before she enjoyed for such a long time the constant attentions of a single lover.

Never before she said I love you to a man so many times, with such tender a heart, with such sincerity, with such trust in that their love could last forever.

They couldn’t leave each other for a single moment.

They played like children.

They ate, laughed and bathed together.

The more they looked at their physiques, so different yet so attractive, both tall, her long raven black hair contrasting with his blond locks, the more they felt that they were made to complement each other, and the more they were compelled to blend their bodies and minds the way the Gods made available to all enamored souls. Goran’s gladiatorial muscles enveloped her slender waist with the full strength of his exuberant virility whereas her warm kisses, her firm breasts, her sensitive nipples, her perfectly rounded buttocks, her sensuous voice, her vibrant clitoris, her endless screams of pleasure surpassed anything he’d ever imagined a woman could ever be.

His stamina was inexhaustible; her passion relentless.

They couldn’t stop copulating, feeding on their own lust, devouring their senses, reaching the pinnacle of love a thousand times over. Twice they went out for a ride in the public parks around the Eternal City, dismounting their horses, taking off their tunics and running nude after each other until Goran grabbed her and possessed her again on the grass or against the trees.

In the woods, they madly promised to belong exclusively to each other for the rest of their lives, calling the Gods to witness their oaths, convinced that Venus and Cupid would hold them together for much longer than the time Nature allows any love to shine and survive. But on the afternoon of that third day, upon leaving their horses in the stables below the Aventine Hill and being both carried back to the Valerian mansion on her litter, a valet gave Messalina a small scroll on which she recognized Mutius’ Byzantine seal. Aren’t you going to open it? asked Goran with a hint of jealousy noticing that she put it unsealed in her cleavage. No…

It’s from my parents, she said. Perhaps they’re announcing the date of their return, he said feeling that she was concealing something. Possibly, replied the young vixen giving him a little kiss. Goran quickly snatched the scroll from her cleavage, raising it, and playfully kept it from her desperate attempts to get it back. — You’re right again, Agrippa.

And we also crossed paths at the Palace a couple of times. Yes! I remember now! He rubbed both her hands: It’s destiny, destiny…. What destiny? As the second chariot race just started, Agrippa grabbed Jovenia’s hand: Come.

Let me show you. She couldn’t resist his audacity, and she didn’t want to.

He rapidly led her down the steps and out towards the exit passage.

Only Cathegus and Caecilius Curius noticed their departure. Who was that female with Agrippa? asked Curius.

Cathegus quickly called one of his agents and asked him to find out about the woman. In the passage underneath the grandstand, Agrippa ran like a marathoner towards the exit pulling Jovenia behind him.

Suddenly he stopped.

She bumped against him.

He hugged her.

She gaped at him and gasped as he pressed her hard against his strong, tall body, squeezing her slight physique in his arms.

The sexual tension between them skyrocketed in a matter of seconds, creating an irresistible connection which transcended the boundaries of decency, space and time. Feeling his bulging virility stroking her through his kilt, Jovenia moaned a few feeble nos, but he tilted her chin and he kissed her with the passion that only a Hebrew prince can exude from his heart when a woman ignites it with the fire of her emotions.

Even though she’d never been kissed that way before she instinctively opened her mouth, and returned his kiss, biting and sucking his tongue with the raw power of a woman who haven’t been loved for a long time. Since nothing could stop him from forcing his hand underneath her tunic, she slowly opened her thighs, hugging his neck to make their kiss even more passionate.

He pinned her against the wall.

She rose both her knees, thrusting her pelvis back and forth while he inflamed her senses by rubbing her tight vulva with his fingers. Burned and drenched in a storm of feelings, she desperately pushed her crotch against his erection unaware that his size was far too large for a woman who hadn’t made love for a year.

But they were both so overwhelmed with desire that they kept pushing and kissing and twisting until he broke through her tightness pounding deep inside her with a series of devastating strokes. Gasping with sudden pain but opening herself to him, she stiffened, holding on him, sweetly asking him to stop.

He froze within her flesh while her throbbing mucosa cramped around his huge hard member, relishing that pleasure which a woman can only feel when the size of a man’s organ fills and stretches her to the limit. Oh! Agrippa, it’s so big…

Do you feel how tight I am? Yes, Jovenia, I do…

It’s destiny! Oh! I feel it so much…, she panted. Jovenia kissed him madly, shuddering, biting him as he hammered her against the wall, conquering what she gave him with an intimate passion she’d never experienced so strong in her whole life.

While she remained impaled upon him, consumed by the subduing throbs of her climax, cheers from the crowd above them brought Agrippa back to reality.

He turned his head. A few people—Cathegus’ agent among them—were watching the two lovers but moved quickly away as soon as they saw that he noticed their gaze.

Still full of desire, Agrippa placed a breathless Jovenia down on her feet and pulled her along towards the exterior plaza. Oblivious of her husband, her family and the whole world, Jovenia jumped with Agrippa on his chariot.

Crazy with love she followed him to his fabulous Roman mansion, in the richness of his bedroom, unable to understand, unwilling to think or react in any other way than saying and repeating the tender words she’d never told to a lover or to her husband, because they were buried in the deepest recesses of her soul where she let no man intrude nor any friend help her overcome her natural inhibitions. But Jovenia’s defenses, already shattered by the impetus of the manly Hebrew prince in the passage under the grandstand, were no longer available and no longer required.

Nude against his nudity, overwhelmed by his kisses, she offered him the amazing vision of her surprising good-looking body and the sweet fragrance of her long-repressed sensuality.

Her large breasts which were endowed with a pair of sensitive nipples, her deliciously rounded hips, her attractive soft abdomen ending with an elongated bush of thin pubic hair which could not hide her greater labia, seduced Agrippa the connoisseur, inspiring his words of love, and fueling his fondness for the nth enamored woman sent to him by his generous destiny. In his perpetual search for what makes all women so similar yet so different from one another, Herod Agrippa opened the rose petals around her sprouting small clitoris, digging into the tight orifice of her reddened vagina, stimulating every inch her skin, sucking her soul out of her, drinking the nectar which the Gods created for their Goddesses, nymphs and sirens but also gave to simple mortal females in order to taste the loveliest ones whenever they visited them in their dreams and kissed them between their legs. But besides her good looks, her ardent hugs and kisses, her spontaneous moans, her sensuous twists, and the spirited response she gave to everything carnal he did to her, Jovenia dazzled Agrippa with a quality he loved above all but rarely found in the Roman women he was used to seduce: physical malleability.

While she was lying on the bed, he rose her legs pushing them backwards to better savor her flesh and enjoy the essence of her luscious wetness; that’s how, to his pleasant surprise, he realized that Jovenia’s body—trained as a gymnast from early age—was still so flexible that she could cross her ankles behind her own head like an Indian contortionist! What a wonder was for the Hebrew prince the discovery of Jovenia’s talent to tender herself in that way! What a wonder was for the history teacher the discovery that her physical dexterity which she only trained to develop and maintain a healthy body, could become the source of such intense a sexual experience! How deep he could enter her! How much did he enjoy the full openness of her genitals and the rebounds of her crotch against him! How frequent and acute was the peak of her climax when he pounded into her from every possible directions, turning her around, placing her on top, underneath, bottom-up, or sideways without unlocking her ankles from behind her head! How mind-blowing was the friction of his shaft inside her when he rotated her pelvis a full circle on top of him! How often did she reach the little death! Late into the night, when the two lovers eventually exhausted the initial outbursts of their senses, they ate an indispensable dinner served by Agrippa’s ancillae.

While smoking his waterpipe, he told Jovenia that it was impossible for him to let her go and asked her to move in and stay indefinitely with him, at least until the crush they had for each other would subside a little and they could look more clearly into their future.

Jovenia was beside herself with joy. Then she remembered that she was married to Marcus Vinicius, the Roman centurion stationed with the XIII Legion—the Gemina—on the Northern Frontier, and gently told Agrippa the truth.

The Hebrew prince wasn’t the kind of man who would renounce to a woman for such an objectionable reason as marital status. Tomorrow you’ll write to your husband and ask him to divorce you, he said without hesitation. Do you really want me so badly? she asked him covering his face with kisses and stroking his broad, masculine chest, nuzzling his armpits while the fumes of the waterpipe enhanced her feelings. — Briseis got up with her usual dignity, put on her tunic, then picked up the princess’ tunic. Do you want me to prepare a bath for you, domina? No…

Just chose another tunic and come back here. While Briseis went to the dressing room, Drusilla happily tiptoed to the terrace, enjoying the view and stretching with intimate satisfaction, nude behind the balustrade in front of the City below. Briseis approached her with a fresh tunic. Isn’t this the mildest winter we ever had? said Drusilla without turning. Yes, domina.

The mildest and the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, answered Briseis helping the princess donning the tunic. Will you be loyal to me alone? asked her Drusilla caressing her lips. Only to you, domina.

I’m incorruptible. Good…, said the princess extending her hand, allowing her to kiss it. Go now, and tell Octavia to come in. Briseis crossed her hands on her chest feeling her heart pounding with joy, then bowed and elegantly walked back to the dressing room knowing that Drusilla was watching her. Shortly thereafter, Octavia entered the princess’ study in a pretty chiton which enhanced her attractive legs and her cute androgynous physique. Did you call for me, domina? Come in, Octavia.

Are you ready for the last episode of our play? Of course, domina. I made some last-minute changes in your role, told her Drusilla. Chandra, the 12-year-old prostitute you’re playing, is going to be arrested in the brothel and delivered to Judge Khursos. Played by Censor Publicola Tuditani as planned? Exactly.

What do you think of him? A very ugly and frightening man, yet strong and honest. What about his wife Scribonia? She hates me. Why? asked the princess. During the intermission of our last show, I was walking to the girls’ room and her husband grabbed me and pushed me into his dressing room.

I only had my small veil around my hips, and he began kissing and touching me.

He forbade me to scream and then…

That dreadful woman, his wife…

She came in and saw me with him, and instead to holler at her husband she slapped me and told me that she’ll make me pay very hard for my indiscretion. What were you doing with him when she came in? He was forcing me to fellating his thing there…. Hmm…

Doesn’t sound like a big deal. — Tell me now…. No, I’m too excited, she panted in his ear. And I just want to let it go and…

Feel you inside me…

Banging me hard, and make me really crazy, you know? But trust me, uncle…

It’s something simple, easy and without consequences for you but it’ll make me happy.

Don’t you want to make me happy? Oh yes, my girl! You promise? Yes…

I promise. Thank you, uncle Claudius, she murmured taking away the other hand from his erection, placing her legs on his shoulders, hugging his neck, and pushing her groin against his big verpa.

He grabbed his hard shaft and pointed it at her twitching orifice. Noo, wait a moment…, begged a panting Agrippinilla looking at his tense, purple glans. Wait, I feel it there…


Let’s push together, slowly…

Ohh, you’re going in…


Now! Enter me!…

Ahh! She kissed him again while she pushed her vulva against his erection until it slowly broke through her narrow vaginal sphincter, filling up her vagina as deep as it could go. Oh, baby, baby…, he sighted. I can’t believe it! Nohh…

You have to believe it…

You’re all inside me…

But take your time, uncle…

I want to feel that big verpa of yours really good, you know? For several minutes, Agrippinilla gave her uncle the ride of his life.

He hammered his erection into her, in and out, with overwhelming thrusts and a variety of strokes aiming deep at her hardening cervix, and rotating inside her to enflame every side of organ.

She clutched herself at him, responding with moans and kisses, pounding her pelvis against his battering ram to increase the friction of their genitals. Oh, you’re doing me so good, uncle! It’s so deep and big and…

Ahh! We need to do it a lot, you know? I’m going to stay here with you…

For many days.

Do you want me? Oh, yes! I want you a lot, Agri love! panted Claudius entering her in ecstasy. You can take me all the time, anytime, you know? Oh, yes! I will, baby! We’ll sleep together and I’ll give you everything…

Only to you…

Do you really want to possess me? Oh yes, Agri! I want it so much…

I’m going to come, you know? Let me take it out…. No, keep it inside! I want to come with you and feel your jet hitting me right there, and deep…

But wait! I’ll tell you when I’m ready…

Shove me hard! Yes, just like that! Oh I’m getting crazy! Yes! Harder! Hurt me! Yes! Yes! I’m coming…

Oh, yeesss! Come now! Ahh! I’m coming! More! More! Ahh! Shuddering and screaming, the slender young princess kept clutching and pounding at him while feeling the powerful squirts of his throbbing erection ejaculating inside her right when her spiraling climax reached the highest peak. Oh, it was really such a fantastic gaudium! How could she ever imagine that Uncle Claudius would turn out to be such a great lover? But as they continued copulating after his first outpour of pleasure, he told her that it was only because of her beauty, her enthusiasm and her sensuous words that he was now turning into a new man. And Agrippinilla really loved the new man…

With unsurpassable joy Claudius agreed to keep his pretty niece with him, and he loved her in many ways for several days.

She just went back to her quarters a few times to pick up new clothes and scrolls, explaining to Drusilla that she was staying at Uncle Claudius’ to become fully-immersed in the learning of Greek and history. Since no one could envisage that Agrippinilla had any intimate feelings for the clumsy, stammering older man, no one interfered with her desire to acquire from her uncle a higher education in classic culture. * * * — Two hours before noon of the Ides of January the Amphitheater Flaminius was already packed well-over capacity by more than thirty five thousand people cheerfully waiting the beginning of the gladiatorial contest between Goran the Goth and the six gladiators who were scheduled to fight him to death starting at noon. All kinds of bets were waged by the spectators with dozens of public and private bookies moving through the rows along with vendors of water, wine, sausages, and marinated chickpeas, while about three hundred musicians, dancers, pantomimes, jugglers, acrobats and fire-eaters provided a lavish pre-game show in the arena. The day was slightly windy but sunny.

A large number of women flocked in droves to the Amphitheater to root for their handsome blond idol who was now facing death in order to save the honor of his mysterious girlfriend.

The mild temperature allowed the most beautiful women to show generous portions of their bodies while kissing images and small, well-painted statuettes of Goran the Goth which other vendors were selling around like hot cakes. Under the big tent of the Imperial grandstand, various authorities began reaching their seats.

First came the Aedile Marcus Terentius Cotta who was in charge of the Munera Gladiatoria; then Velleius Paterculus, the Chief of the Urban Cohort who conducted the investigation on Servilius’ murder case, followed by the boni Questor Licinius Scaevola and Judge Erminius Sanga attending Servilius’ widow and her two children.

Applause and cheers from the crowd welcomed Marcia Cordia, the Head of the Prostitutes’ Guild, who arrived with a dozen prominent members of the Guild, all wearing their best-looking leopard skins over their nude bodies, escorted by the most notorious panderers of Rome, with Mutius wearing a small hat, inconspicuously mingling among his colleagues. About sixty knights in the company of their wives or concubines were showed in by the valets and took place in the tiers beneath the Imperial booth along with the boni Caecilius Curius, Pompeius Glabrio, Tullius Sergius and Lucius Vettius.

The senators—about a hundred of them and several with wives and daughters—all Caligula’s partisans with the exception of the neutral Hortensius Scaurus and the boni Cato Nepos, Fabius Lentulus and Lucius Cathegus, were seated on the tiers siding the Imperial booth.

On the rows above it a few dozens Scouts and Greens lead by Metellus Gabinius and Publius Certicus reached their seats along with Green ace charioteer Eutychus, and actor Apelles surrounded by most of the cast of Innocence vs.

Evil, including Censor Publicola Tuditani with a beautifully dressed Octavia on his side.

In the same area Arkana and Kardixa welcomed a sizable representation of Britannian citizens living in Rome and showed them to their places. Meanwhile, in the Imperial booth, Macro showed up with Tysios dressed and made up like a girl; then Herod Agrippa—without Jovenia—flanked by Pyrallis and Nymphidia, the two classy concubines temporarily awarded to him by Caligula; and then Uncle Claudius with the radiant, inseparable Agrippinilla in a splendid turquoise gown and an amazing diamond-studded tiara perfectly placed on her high-coiled black hair, with matching earrings and necklace, all jewels formerly belonging to Claudius’ grandmother Octavia (Augustus’ sister who was married to Marc Antony,) now given as a present by the older Julio-Claudian prince to his young niece. Behind them, Agrippinilla’s pompous fiance’ Domitius Aheno-barbus—Claudius’ first cousin from his mother’s side—tried to no avail to exchange a few words with her and resorted to chat with his sister Domitia Lepida, Messalina’s mother, and with her husband Valerius Messalla Barbatus, who just came back from their vacation in Gallia Narbonensis.

Ahenobarbus told Messalina’s parents that he saw Missi a couple of times at his mother’s villa in Antium around New Year, but he knew nothing of her trip to the East of which Messalina left a written letter for her parents in the family mansion alleging her need to refresh her knowledge of Hellenistic culture, and promising to be back before the Ides of March. Finally, when generals, magistrates and government officials filled the other places on the Imperial booth, twelve trumpeters of the Praetorian Guard in dress uniform blew the notes of Hail to the Chief. The Aedile Marcus Terentius Cotta, who was hosting the gladiatorial contest, announced the arrival of the Emperor of Rome.

Cheers and applause thundered from the crowd as a platoon of Batavian Guards rushed in to both sides of the big Imperial chair standing at attention while all the three hundred players of the pre-game show ran below the grandstand performing a well-designed spectacle to welcome the Supreme Ruler of the Empire. At the climatic moment, the trumpeters blasted their long horns three times, and an elated Caligula in his gem-studded purple cloak and golden laurel crown, appeared in all his magnificence in the Imperial booth, responding to the delirious standing ovations of the whole attendance by raising his arms, enjoying unanimous chants of Cae-sar! Cae-sar! and admiring a multitude of beautiful women in the stands who were exposing their breasts for him, for Rome and for the Gods. More cheers saluted Lady Caligula and Drusilla as they came forward on either sides of the Emperor wearing precious tiaras and jewels, both in identical blue gowns personally tailored by the young star-designer Petronius Niger, and cut below the breasts covered by a single layer of mousseline which left their bosoms almost as exposed as the women’s in the crowd.

In her hair Drusilla was wearing Cathegus’ butterfly brooch to the delight of the young senator who was gazing at her from the senators’ rows behind the Batavian Guards. While Drusilla responded with Ladyssa to the applause of the spectators, she noticed Cathegus’ gaze and rewarded him with a long sensuous glance and blew him a kiss that made the senator’s heart pounding in his chest knowing that the gorgeous Julian princess was also anxiously waiting to meet him for dinner that very night after the games. The pre-game performers rapidly cleared the arena.

Caligula sat down on his plush high-back chair, Lady and Drusilla on similar chairs on his sides, the Aedile on a chair close to Drusilla’s and everyone else on their seats in the Imperial grandstand and on the tiers of the whole amphitheater.

The atmosphere among the crowd was electric.

For almost a year the City didn’t host a gladiatorial fight-to-death contest.

And the case of Goran the Goth became such a passionate issue that the Romans couldn’t wait to see its final and most exciting act. Tremendous boos echoed the heralds’ voices as they introduced the six gladiators who were drawn among a number of criminal gladiators to fight the murderer of the knight Quintus Publius Servilius in a succession of bouts until justice was done.

Their names, birthplaces, ages, victories and defeats, and their gladiatorial colleges were covered by insults showing quite clearly who was the favorite of the crowd. Nevertheless, when the six men entered the arena—three Retariuses with large nets in their right hands and tridents in their left, and three Murmillones, armed in Gallic fashion with broad latticework helmets, iron leggings, big oval shields and long spatae (Celtic swords)—they received some applause also from Caligula, Lady and Drusilla who had to be neutral, and especially from the boni, the Knights and from Servilius’ widow.

But any doubt about the favors of the populace and of most of the grandstand was eventually obliterated by the raving cheers of the male audience and by the ecstatic shrills of all the women which welcomed the presentation of Goran the Goth. Escorted by Sempronius Vatia, who had Goran under contract with his gladiatorial college, the handsome blond man, equipped in Thracian style with a small round buckler and a sward curved like a scythe, entered the arena among flowers and confetti showered upon him by the crowd. The seven gladiators marched together across the arena until they lined up below the Imperial booth.

They stuck out their right arms, four fingers of their hands tightly united but extending their thumbs open to signify the unsheathed sword (symbol of every fight to the death,) and saluted the Emperor shouting together the classic invocation: Ave, Caesar! Morituri te salutant! (Transl: Hail, Caesar! The men who are about to die are greeting you!) Caligula extended his right arm forwards with the palm up and moved it around dedicating the deadly bouts to the crowd who erupted again in thundering applause. Claudius told Agrippinilla that he waged quite a lot of money on Goran defeating all his six opponents. Why? Did you get a tip from Goddess Fortuna? she asked him with a cool glance. No tips, honey, replied Claudius. It’s a technical evaluation.

The Goth is fighting in Thracian style, which means agility, speed and resolve to jump in for the kill.

The young man is superbly trained and fit for that style, and even though the Murmillones are well-protected, they are too heavy to keep him at bay and their long spatae are no match for a quick young athlete who can dodge every blow like a tiger. What about the three Retariuses? Aren’t they the deadliest Secutors (pursuers) of Thracian fighters? argued Agrippinilla who had already a good knowledge of gladiatorial contests. They are more dangerous, of course.

Thracians’ and Retariuses’ bouts could go on for a long time, but if the Goth champ is trained to endure long fights, as I’m informed he is, he’s going eventually to win. Hmm…

I don’t know, Claudius.

Defeating six men in a row it’s no picnic.

Even if he kills the first men he’ll probably get wounded, and at the end he’ll run out of energy.

If he gets the best Retarius as his last rival he’s going to go down. Do you want to bet? offered her Uncle Claudius who had a passion for bets, dice games and trick-track (a sort of backgammon of Egyptian origin.) What stakes do you propose? whispered Agrippinilla in her uncle’s ear. Let me think of a good one. The first bout began.

Goran was matched against a colossal Murmillone who fought the Goth with ferocious determination, drawing several rounds of applause for his spectacular blows.

Eventually, he ended up wounding Goran on the side of his chest but he lost his balance and fell to the sand.

The agile blond jumped on him, pointing his Thracian sward to his chest.

The Murmillone reacted with a knee kick to Goran’s groin which was immediately booed by the crowd.

The Goth rolled on the ground. — The unobstructed vision of her fully engorged big labia ending in the upper side with the fleshy parabola around her perk clitoral hood, and the vast protruding pubic bone which constituted the most impressive and adorable Mount of Venus which Cathegus had ever seen, made the young senator delirious with joy.

He stroked and kissed and licked, bit, ate, nibbled, fingered, and sucked the smooth crotch of that royal female animal making her come several times while turning her body around in every possible ways, holding and licking her stiletto boots, palpating her incomparable flesh, grinding her clitoris, and savoring her juices. Above him or underneath, opening and closing her legs and bending back her knees to push and rub her bare pelvis against his mouth, Drusilla couldn’t even keep his penis long enough in her mouth because she had to scream as she continued to climax like crazy and even more so when he penetrated her with his rigid erection and rammed her with unbelievable force, watching his shaft going in and out that red-hot vagina fully visible under his and her eyes. But then, when she was giving him everything, he wanted more.

Having seen Macro doing it to Drusilla at the Imperial banquet, Cathegus grabbed a scarf and quickly wrapped it around her neck while banging her fast and deep. Feeling gradually asphyxiating, her entire body shuddered in the throes of a devastating orgasm experiencing again a phenomenal little death.

Yet she didn’t lose consciousness but entwined her long legs around his hips and frantically hammered her pelvis against his, snatching the scarf off her neck, and begging him to come inside her. In a rash of lust Cathegus withdrew his stiff pulsating erection from her, and dragged the climaxing princess into the black bathtub making her squat inside.

He quickly grabbed a big olysbos and shove it into her vulva to keep her orgasm going.

Then, while she masturbated with the leather phallus, he stood up and pounded his penis into her mouth, masturbating himself at the same time.

Oh, that’s what he wants, she thought with the part of her mind which was still capable to put two and two together.

Like she was used to do with her brother, she loved to be ejaculated in the mouth and did to Cathegus all what she could do to make him spurt in her throat.

Suddenly, he didn’t want her to suck him any longer. Keep your mouth open and just lick my frenulum, he panted, increasing his masturbatory rhythm. While doing as he wanted, she grabbed and scratched his powerful buttocks, rubbing the olysbos inside her by pushing her shaved pelvis back and forth against the bottom of the tub.

His panting and moaning blended with hers for some more time as his climax was building up and hers was still spiraling inside her.

Growling like a wolf, he breathlessly uttered a series of… Oh yes! I’m going to come! And then he came! But instead of ejaculating thick squirts of sperm, his penis was spurting long jets of sperm mixed with urine! A lot of urine…

Just slightly salted, but quite warm and delicious to drink and catch in her open mouth, onto her face and all over her body.

And while he was virtually peeing against her, his climax continued and she came again with him.

That was his kick, she thought.

But it wasn’t over.

Having drank all that water before and during dinner, he quickly took her up and carried her to the lectus medius placing her on her back over the towels, opening and raising her legs, and pushing in the olysbos which was partially coming out of her vagina.

While she kept it inside her, he grabbed her stiletto boots, pushing her knees towards her face to raise her bottom, and pointed his glans onto her areola. Oh yes, Cathegus, she moaned. Sodomize me! Take my last breath away! Forcing his way into her, he sodomized her without hesitation, pumping his virility into her rear end, opening Drusilla to new orgasmic sensations doubled by the feeling of the olysbos agitating her genitals, until her orgasm exploded again in her back under the unrelenting pounding of the senator.

Her lack of breath prevented her from screaming what bliss she felt inside her anal sphincter throbbing around his potent erection.

But Cathegus knew she was coming and he came with her again, ejaculating sperm and urine—a lot of warm urine—into her rectum, giving her the astonishing thrill of feeling that her bowels were invaded by an enema during the impetus of an anal orgasm. That was the climax, for both of them.

The joy of having given each other the ultimate pleasure after delaying it to the limit of madness, and having Drusilla given to him something she’d never thought anyone would dare to ask, she felt drained of her desires and relaxed in his arms, almost forgetting about her mission.


But not for long.

Even though there was no water clock in Cathegus’ dining room, she soon realized that time went by and she couldn’t put the senator to sleep unless he drank some wine. Now that you’ve poured into my body all the water you drank, shouldn’t we toast to the turning point of our lives with some good wine? she asked, giving him a seductive little kiss. We will, Drusilla…, he said caressing her shaved pubis, but in order to make this night definitively unforgettable I’d like to give you a new subtle sensation. What? asked the princess with a sweet naive voice. Cathegus took his marble box, opened it, and picked up a smaller box containing three small identical gold rings, each with two little gold balls touching each other at the two ends of the circle. What are they, earrings? she asked looking into the small box. He titillated her earrings pierced through her lobes. You’ve these already, he said. So? Two rings are for your nipples and one is for the hood of your clitoris, he said giving her the rings. Umm…

They are cute, she said sitting up in bed and trying to figure out how to wear them.

He rubbed her earrings again.

She wide-opened her eyes, then she shook her head. No, no, no…

You can’t be thinking of doing that, uh? she said with a scared look. Why not? You have no idea what exciting feelings they are going to spark throughout your whole body, and how attractive and proud you’re going to look with these two rings on your nipples and with that one adorning your little thing here…, he said squeezing her clitoral hood. Now that you’re fully shaved you’ll simply look sensational, totally naked for anyone to enjoy your intimate beauty. Drusilla placed a ring on the upper conjunction of her labia, and the other two on her nipples.

Then she took the hand mirror and glanced at them. Visions of her lovers watching her with the rings flashed through her mind…

A crowd of men extended their hands to touch them and they were quite fascinated by the way they looked on her. — Because their job was already over. Not for me, he said.

Then he crossed the vast wardrobe room, approaching her.

They locked eyes for a moment. Thailian masseuses do not appreciate…, she said, but she didn’t have the time to complete her sentence that Certicus grabbed her by the waist and slammed her against his chest. She gasped.

He kissed her on the mouth.

Wriggling in his arms she tried to shun his kiss.

His towel fell to the floor.

A sudden rush ran from her toes to her head as she felt his erection stroking her abdomen.

Being a couple of inches taller than the barefooted Gallic beauty, he pulled her ponytail down her back and she was forced to open her mouth.

His tongue intruded through her teeth.

She bit it but didn’t dare to hurt him.

Emboldened, Certicus thrust a hand between her thighs, rubbing her wide crotch covered by the tight bombyx, placing his shaft against it. No! Let me go! snarled Drusilla’s proud head slave. Shut up! growled the 16-year-old scout kissing her again. A quick memory of Mamercus, the teenager who brutally possessed her in Mutius’ gambling mansion more than ten days before, flashed through her mind.

Oh, how harsh he was with her! And how she relished being violated by that nasty youth! Why? Why did she still want another teenager to rape her? Overwhelmed by the raw power of Certicus’ young age, she now felt another rush, this one centered on her genitals, engorging her big labia, invading her vagina with a sudden gush of lubrication as he stuck his fingers into her. You’re raping me! she grimaced despite the attraction she felt for the nudity of the handsome young man. You’re so wet you can’t deny you like it. No, stop it! she begged, wriggling again with the sole result to have her pubis seized within his hand, between his fingers inside her and his thumb pressing hard over her pubic bone.

Oh, she was on fire! He bit her neck all over, and she had to grab and savagely hug those mighty nude muscles, and shake her pelvis back and forth to feel those fingers press into her flesh.

He ripped off her loincloth, then he forcefully pushed her down with her back on an ottoman, stretching her arms and kissing her again.

She couldn’t repress the impulse to spread her legs and let Certicus ram into her with all the sexual power of his young age. Ouch! You’re such a naughty boy! panted Briseis as he yanked off her chiton, pulled her legs up on his shoulders and banged his erection into her soaking nature, pounding with wild force into the reddened opening of her broad crotch.

Umm, how deep did she feel that big shaft pumping in and out into her! How hard did he slam his groin against her pubis! How fast did he stir up her senses! She breathlessly placed her gripping hands on his buttocks helping them thrust upon her.

As he felt that she was responding with impetuous lust to his furious intercourse, he lowered her left leg from his right shoulder, pushing down her knee, spreading her open in order to watch her beautiful vulva irresistibly ravaged by his merciless virility, and pulling her harding long nipples to drive her completely insane. Conquered by the young Roman scout, the slender Gallic slave gave it all to him, coming like a woman in love, telling him to take her, to kill her, to tear her apart, kissing him, hugging him, scratching the flexing muscles of his back, biting his shoulders until her ecstasy blasted inside her body.

Gasping, she banged her pelvis against the hammering male, kissing him again to suffocate her screams, rotating her hips, panting Come! Come with me! Oh, how madly did she want to be inundated by the substance of his pleasure! But he didn’t.

The young scout withdrew his drenched erection and slipped it up and down her body, squeezing it between his abdominals and her flat tummy, humping faster and faster, ravaging her twitching genitals with his fingers to keep her coming.

Oh yes, Publius! Do that! And her sensations doubled for she relished the full length of his hard member rubbing back and forth against her stomach as if he wanted to penetrate her heart, and she arched and moaned under the strokes of his fingers drawing additional climaxing feelings from her vagina.

Within moments, he grunted and pulled her hair back with the other hand, kissing and biting her lips, prodding her very fast until she felt an awesome jet of sperm ejaculating between their two bodies.

In a new outburst of ecstasy she slid beneath him and down the ottoman reaching his spurting gland with her mouth. Shuddering and roaring like a lion, Certicus grabbed her head and made her suck the last squirts of his issue, pumping it down her throat.

Oh, he went so deep! But what a feeling she was enjoying by receiving and swallowing such an exuberant evidence of his youthful virility! How proud she was by giving him the sublime pleasure of her sensual submission! How manly did he twist her hair to show his appreciation while she licked his quivering erection in the last phase of his orgasm! Embracing his hips, she wanted that moment to last and it did, until it was deeply impressed in her mind. You almost choked me to death, you know Publius? said a sweetened Briseis still savoring his tasty love juice, when they relaxed on the carpeted floor sitting up against the ottoman. Yeah, I know.

But I was so horny after the massage of those twins, that I had to do it right away to avoid a cramp on my testicles. So, you would have done it with any girl, uh? she said cleaning him with his towel. Yes, but you really turned me on when I saw you. Why? Your poise, I guess.

And that attractive wide crotch of yours, he said caressing her between her thighs. I hated it when I was growing up.

But I’m glad you like it. Is Drusilla giving you some leave from your job. Yes, why? You want to see me again? Of course.

I love older women. Hey! I’m not old! It’s you who’s too young, she said playing with his flaccid penis. How old are you? I’ve turned sixteen last October. — Yeah, that’s nice…

But only young ones, okay? Of course, young and nasty.

You’ll have no escape.

And when they’ll grab you I want to watch you fight back as they rip off your tunic and get you naked. Oh yes, I’ll fight back and make them angry. They’re going to hurt you a lot, you know? Tieing you up and doing you with clamps and whipping your flesh.

I want to hear your screams. Oh, Publius! I’m going to scream and scream, she panted rocking faster and kissing him. Swear that you’re going to make me do that! I swear it, baby! They’re going to rape you hard, and shove their big verpae all the way into that wide crotch of yours! And hold you down! And bang your brains out! Oh, I like that word! Yes…

Bang me there! Deep! As deep as you can go! I want you to come like crazy with all of those guys! Do you hear me? he snarled, hammering her and twisting her nipples. Yes, I’m going to come …

Ohh, you’re so strong! she whispered, rubbing herself deep on his piston. Rapt in her own rape fantasy, Briseis rode his young stallion as if she was transfixed by her tormentors; screaming at his pinches and bites as if a gang of crazed youths were hurting her sensitive cone; enjoying his embrace as if he was those bunch of animals; and raucously exploding many times as if all of her rapists were ravishing her one after another in the frenzied reenactment of an atavic ritual imbued into the mortals by God Dionysus at the dawn of time. And when Certicus could no longer repress the urge that his beautiful lover was spurring into his veins with the emotional avowal of her obsession, he turned her around and took her from behind, sodomizing her with powerful thrusts, inflaming her with a pleasure hundredfold more intense since this time he went all the way, spurting into her body, pounding her to a tumultuous ecstasy, and elevating her senses and her mind to an incomparable feeling of fulfillment. How strong were their hugs when it was all over! How sincere were his kisses! How blessed she felt when he promised her to come back soon! How anxious she was when he was gone! Knowing nothing of his real role with the Emperor or Drusilla, she relied on his teenage sincerity and thought that he also wanted to share with her the same emotions that she wanted to share with him. An hour before noon, the Chamberlain showed Herod Agrippa into the Emperor’s study. You’re looking great, my friend! exclaimed Caligula hugging the handsome 47-year-old Hebrew prince. You too, my dear Cal! said Agrippa slapping Caligula’s back.

Then, holding the Emperor’s hands he glanced with admiration at his blond hair and at his tall Julian frame wrapped in his casual purple toga: You look as if all the splendor and glory of Rome are glowing around you! It could be a magic of my brother Jupiter, but it’s probably the work of my glass maker, replied Caligula with a friendly smile. Don’t you see how the rays of the sun glow through my windows? Let’s believe in magic, Cal! Glass makers are like women, they do things without knowing what they’re doing. Hmm, I’m not sure about that, but have a seat, my dear friend. Herod Agrippa sat down, taking from his pocket the tablet Caligula sent him through Publius Certicus and placed it on the desk. So, what’s cooking? Are we going to war with the Parthians? Try my honey cakes, said Caligula indicating the silver basket on his desk covered with documents and scrolls. The Parthians can wait. While the Hebrew prince chewed a cake, Caligula unrolled a couple of scrolls.

After discovering the Republican plot to take Herod Agrippa to court and accuse him of adultery with Jovenia stressing her status as the wife of Marcus Vinicius, Roman war hero, Caligula had no intention to bother his friend with a personal dilemma that could be solved in a much simpler way without mentioning Jovenia or the Republican plot. We’ve a serious unrest in Alexandria.

Do you know anything about it? asked him Caligula.

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    Horses-Store.com - Pounding : Pounding into her Mutius felt her anal throbs squeezing his….